Finished American Jane scraps quilt

A finished quilt to share today!  This quilt has been in progress for a long time.  It’s been in my head for a couple of years and I finally started actually making it this winter when I was asked to teach a “Using Your Fabric Scraps” class at my local quilt shop. You can see it in progress here and here
This quilt was made from lots of scraps of American Jane fabric that have accumulated over the years of working with those fabrics. And since I couldn’t part with even the little scraps, I needed to find a pattern that showed them off, so this quilt was inspired by quilts from this book by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, as well as a quilt by Rita at Red Pepper Quilts (I can’t find the link at the moment).
Since this quilt was all about using what I already had on hand only, I found some white linen/cotton blend that I’d bought on some sale online. When it arrived it wasn’t what I’d been expecting, so I’d chucked it aside somewhere. It surfaced in the great clean-out of 2012 and so I decided to use it on this project.  I love the way the linen really shrunk in the wash (I didn’t pre-wash it before cutting it up) and it gives the quilt so much texture. I wish you could all come pet it, as it’s hard to tell from the pictures.
The back: I struggled finding just the right thing at first. Again, determined only to use what was on hand, I even dug out my precious American Jane bigger chunks (the blues and red) but it wasn’t quite enough for a complete back that looked cohesive. I’m running out of big hunks of fabric for backs (time to hit some clearance sales!) so I cheated and took the yellow from my mom’s stash.  (Still stash, so not totally cheating.) It worked perfectly with the other pieces.
A happy quilt, just in time for summer.