Snoa Flinga Throw Pillows

I finished my Snoa throw pillows. They make me happy. Why did I not get more of this stuff when I had the chance?  Wait, why am I asking that? Like I need any more fabric to hoard. Still, I wanted to not waste the panels I have. Hence the reason I sashed the larger pillow rather than cut into more of the fabric. And I actually prefer the sashed throw pillow now. So maybe I’m smarter than I thought.

Another current Scandinavian love. 
We graduated to the small Legos this Christmas. 
Oh the time these babies buy me.
Finally (sorry, pardon the tangent) – Downton Abby you totally left me hanging! For another year! I was hoping for some Cranford-like closure, with room left for a sequel. But no, loose ends all over the place and only Gwen seems to be heading in a happy direction. Argh. . .  We’re still friends though.