Halloween Quilt #2

And here is Halloween Quilt #2 – the one I am keeping for myself. I’m kind of in love with it. This came about for a few reasons. 
1- I’ve had a little pile of Halloween fabrics I’ve been collecting for the past few years – mainly on after-Halloween clearance sales, waiting for the perfect project.
2- I’ve always wanted to try something scrappy inspired by Denyse Schmidt’s Hop, Skip and Jump design. 
3- Last year I saw Allison’s quilt – the perfect marriage of the two ides. So I shamelessly copied payed homage to her creativity with my own rendition.
Here’s a little close-up of some of the fabrics. In addition to my Halloween pile, I pulled out every orange or black fabric I had to throw in.  I’m extra pleased with this endeavor because I did the quilting myself!! I really wanted just straight lines to echo the strips design. Kind of scary when you feel so proud of yourself for sewing straight lines (which, in reality, aren’t really that straight- but they go with the wonky feel, right?)
The pumpkins on the back are a Minick & Simpson print I got a few years ago – again on clearance. (I’m such a clearance fabric junkie!)

The one thing I didn’t have was just the right binding – and my friend and co-worker Sharon (hi Sharon!) found just the right black with gold print for a binding. Perfect – except I was 2″ short. So I threw-in a little orange patch for personality.

Here’s the picture where we tried to shoot the quilt on location. (I’m afraid you’re all going to get bored to death with my backyard fence.)  A great little ‘fallish’ looking spot, but we were on the way home from piano lessons,working against rapidly darkening skies and an impending snow-storm (I know) and my only option for official quilt holder was my 11-year-old.  Stalwart and brave (and ever patient with her mother’s weirdness) as she was, her arms just weren’t quite long enough to get a full body shot of the quilt. But it’s still kind of a cool picture, so it get’s recognition as well.

Hope your Halloween was spooky and fun. We had a cowboy, a camo/army guy, a cute girl from the 50’s complete with poodle skirt and pixie glasses – which she really doubted looked as awesome as they did – and Hermione Granger from Gryffindor. All was covered up in raincoats as our neighborhood tricked-or-treated last night in very soggy weather. Happy that all came together well and also happy to be done. (Am I a party pooper?) Halloween is fun but those costumes start stressing me out!

PS I delivered Halloween Quilt #1 this past week. Can I just say it brought me that weepy kind of happiness to see a 4-year-old rolling on the floor wrapped-up inside it?

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Start spreading the news . . .

In June my husband has a business trip to New York, and I’m tagging along! My sister used to live in Manhattan and I stayed with her a couple of times. It was so much fun to see New York through the eyes of a ‘native’. I loved it! So when she moved to California last summer, although I was happy to have her only a couple of states away (and within driving distance), I will admit I was sad about not having the excuse to visit Manhattan. So hurray for business trips! It will be quick, but worth it.
There are a few places I want to visit like this one (the Metropolitan Museum), ride the Staten Island Ferry (free!), sit in Central Park, and walk the Brooklyn Bridge and get some great pizza.  I don’t really feel like I need to do the mid-town touristy stuff.  I’d rather find something off the beaten subway line.

Last time I visited my sister two years ago, I found this little place.  It was within a short walk of where she lived.  (This is my picture.)  I LOVED it, and then come to find out a couple months later, it has quite the online presence. It’s Purl Patchwork!  I’m so excited to checkout their new, bigger digs.

I don’t plan to hit Madison Avenue or buy any couture goods, but I’d love to find some hidden gems (read: cheaper deals) or cool locations.  Last time I was there I went to a sample sale for Hable Construction.  SO COOL! I bought some gorgeous upholstery remnants at like 90% off. That’s the kind of stuff I’d love to find.  Has anyone ever been to the Fabric District?  I’m trying to decide if I have the guts to try it. Is it worth my time? Any other great suggestions?? (Like good food?) I would LOVE to hear them. Really! Really.

Maybe I’ll bring something back for my favorite suggestion. :)

Tag Sale

Let the de-stashing begin!
As we got ready to move I went through my ‘stuff’ and decided it was time to let some things go.

I have a ton of pre-cut squares accumulated for different projects. It’s all high-quality Moda and other quilting fabrics. It’s just that my project list has grown so deep, I decided to pass along some of the projects to others. I grouped the squares in groups of 175-300 squares either by collection or by color. That’s enough for a throw-size quilt or a couple of baby quilts.

I also found five kits to make this flag quilt that I’d assembled for a boutique a couple of years ago.
It’s a fun, quick project and can be laid-out vertically (as seen) or horizontally.
Also included: my remnants to make this pink cowgirl quilt.

I made this one for American Quilting last year and had all the fabric to make one for myself. (A lot of the blocks are even pieced already!) But I don’t need another girl quilt at the moment, so I’m willing to pass this on to someone else!

I drastically reduced or eliminated the secondary shipping costs, so if you buy more than one thing, the shipping doesn’t add up. Feel free to email/convo me with questions!

PS Many thanks again to Martha for making “tag sale” sound so chic. So much better than ‘rumage sale.’

A sweet deal

Attention local quilters: The Deseret Book at the University Mall in Orem has a ton of Amy Butler prints 50% off.
Consider yourself warned.
This is what I found today. Don’t worry, there is plenty for the rest of you.

Bags, bags and more bags.

Do you like to make bags? I am a recent bag-making convert and I’m hooked. They are one of the many things on my list to make.
And I LOVE free tutorials. This one is the famous Buttercup bag from Made by Rae. I loved it so much, I’ve since bought her pattern for a bigger version.

Well, I recently hit the jackpot for free bag patterns and tutorials:

This wonderful resource collects bag patterns and tutorials from all over the blogosphere into one handy list, complete with pictures and links. I discovered it when they sent me a note to let me know they had included my messenger bag tutorial. I was completely flattered to be held in such good company.Here are a couple that I really want to try:
The Wasp bag by Machen/Machen. I found this one and bookmarked it during the Sew Mama giveaway. I love it!
This one is by Ric Rac – a really stylish, but quick bag. Perfect for gifts!

Also at Ric Rac: this Selvedge bag. Darling.

There are plenty more (tons!) in all shapes and sizes, so have at it!

Summer Really Is Quite Nice

Oh goodness, I feel like such a whiner after that last post. Thanks for bearing with me. Sometimes you just need to vent, you know? Really, life is quite good.
I am so excited about Jennifer’s Vintage Sheet fat quarter exchange. (I just got my FQ’s off by the skin of my teeth.) Before I did I decided to hit a thrift store which I haven’t done in a while. I’m becoming more discriminating with my thrifting. I have too much junk as it is, so I’m only buying stuff I really love AND will actually use soon. I found a couple of good vintage sheets and another sheet that is not vintage (the one on the bottom) but has great potential. My 10-year-old was with my and has dibs on it to make a skirt first.

Then I found a couple good pyrex pieces. I’m feeling drawn to yellow and really liked these pieces.

The gold one is an oval baker and this one is a medium-size serving bowl. I used them tonight for serving fruit salad (yummy, yummy) and the baked potatoes in the baker. They looked so cheerful and summery. Don’t you just love summer food? Off the grill or lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I do. The best food there is.

We also tried to have a backyard camp out tonight, but the weather had other ideas and when the wind kicked-up so strong that it nearly blew the tent away, we had to give up on that idea. Which we did right before the rain started chucking down.

But the kids were not to be deterred. So we made do. :)
Have a happy summer weekend.