coming out of the closet

This is a quilt made for my sister’s new baby girl from the Moda Shangri-La charm pack.

I have loved quilts for a LONG time. But I haven’t always thought they were “cool” enough to admit that I was among the ranks of those who made them.

My mom started quilting about 22 years ago and started teaching me right away how to do it. I kept this interest hidden from my peers for fear of them thinking it was way too nerdy. One of my most embarrassing moments in High School was at the end of my freshman year. I had just made the High School Dance company and was SO excited. Then the Senior officers introduced each of us newbies with some information they’d got from our moms. My mom told them I liked to quilt and now the coolest girls in the school, all knew!! I thought they were going to think I was the lamest inductee ever.

It was about 9 1/2 years ago, after I had my first baby that I started to really sew again in earnest. I was still pretty sheepish about telling people about my hobby. Then I started working at a local quilt store (another story for another day) and met other fun women who love to quilt. THEN I discovered the blogosphere and the many other amazing women – my age! – who make gorgeous quilts and other amazing projects. To the left are listed some of the blogs I check regularly for inspiration and there are 100’s more out there. I also love to just search for quilts on Flickr.

Here’s a couple I found today.

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