Works in Progress

Oh, so many projects in the works right now. I think I am wearing too many hats. First: two projects for the store where I spend some grown-up time. One with this yummy felted wool and a quilt with a gazillion random plaids. It’s called the Boyfriend quilt. It’s SO cool when it’s all put together, quilted and washed. I will post pictures when it is done. (I made one 5 years ago, but it’s time to update.) Right now I’m up to my eyeballs in piles of plaid.
Next, plans for an Etsy business using some of these beauties (and dozens more.) Should be very cool. I’m so excited for it. This is a giant leap for me. But I’m hoping the market research I’ve done locally will pay off.Then I have this pile of baby-gift stuff that I WILL finish this week. Nursing covers and diaper clutches. One for a friend who had her baby over a month ago. Sigh.On top of that: major design work on this humble little blog. I decided a month ago to just go a head a start something. If I waited until too long to get everything perfect, it just might never happen. So this is one of my biggest works-in-progress.

In other totally random/really cool news I went to my first ‘tweet-up’ this week. I am not a ‘twitterer’ – still haven’t totally come out of the technological stone-age- but I’m working on it. The very famous DesignMom/K*rtsy founder, Gabrielle Blair was in town for the Start-up Princess conference in Midway, Utah. (I SO wish I could have been there.) But I did make it for the Salt Lake meet-up.

This is so out of my comfort zone. Most of my social engagements include hauling kids, fruit-snacks & pretzels to the park. It was REALLY fun to do something fun and social. Gwen Bell (Gabi’s K*rtsy partner) was also really fun to meet. She wrote about it here. (And you can even see me in the picture. I am third from the left. Woo. I feel so famous.)

It was really cool to see Gabi, who I totally remembered from college. And we finally figured out where: the freshman dorms. Also Kelly Anderson, *THE* Start-up Princess who was also a good friend from college -we were roommates for a semester in London. (You’ve got to love when people from your past become famous. Seriously, I’m so proud of these girls. Both busy moms with kids, who took some creative initiative and are doing very exciting things. And still being moms.)
And so much fun to meet the other amazing women there! Women who are doing what I want to do, but are so much farther ahead in the game than where I am right now. They were all so engaging and gracious and FUN. The most embarrassing moment of the night: coming in late and suddenly being asked if I have a blog by this hipper-than-hip group and wishing I had a much cooler blog to share with them. The coolest moment of the night: feeling the love and the real encouragement by these experienced women – feeling glad that I just took the plunge to show-up, start-up, and dream. Now back to work. . .

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  • Reply
    Amy @ Park City Girl
    November 11, 2008 at 11:31 am

    Your projects look exciting 🙂 I’ve not gotten into felt yet – can’t wait to see more!

  • Reply
    November 11, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    Wow, lots of projects going on. Can’t wait to see the finished projects, I know they will be great! Sounds like you have been super busy!

  • Reply
    Katherine Center
    November 11, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    Hi! I found you through Gwen Bell’s site and Kirtsy. I am a quilter, myself (or used to be-I quilt less these days than I used to…) But I still love to look at quilts and other people’s projects. Yours look lovely!

  • Reply
    Nanette Merrill and daughters
    November 17, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    Oh Amy this is such fun stuff. I need to make those cookies.

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