Magnetic Pin Dish Tutorial

I recently found this little tomato bowl that called my name. (Maybe because I love fresh summer tomatoes with a passion.  The store-bought kind you get in the winter, make me gag. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I know I’m not.)  I thought this would make a really sweet little pin-dish. I found this bowl at a Pearl River Mart – a chinese supply shop that carried lots of cute rice bowls this size. To keep those pins from sliding around and dumping out easily, I decided to magnetize the bowl.  I found these neodymium magnetic buttons in the craft aisle at Walmart.  They’re extra strong so that they’ll attract through the porcelain.  They’re also really thin so that they’ll lie comfortably under the dish. (Do you like this really professional, Martha-looking picture?? 🙂 I was too excited to try my project before I stopped to take fancy photos.) I attached the magnets with more E6000. Because they were small, I used two magnets to strengthen the magnetic pull.  I know these neodymium magnets come in bigger sizes, I was just too excited to try my idea so I grabbed the ones available at Walmart. And voila – my happy … Continue reading Magnetic Pin Dish Tutorial