Modern gray and white neutrals quilt

Finally sharing pictures of the finished neutrals quilt I’ve been working on. This traditionally styled quilt is made from only shades of white and gray fabrics, giving it a subtle modern feel. The friend who this quilt was for, picked the palette herself. She has a very clean, neutral style and wanted something to complement their gorgeous home. (Where we shot these pictures.) She let me pick the design. Because the palette was so simple, I decided to go with a basic layout to – good old half-square triangles. You can never go wrong with HST’s, I tell you. I originally planned to do a Broken-Dishes layout but once I got the blocks pieced, I tried it and didn’t love it. So I went even more basic with a simple light and dark layout and I LOVE how it turned out. Super simple but effective. A traditional design with a minimalistic color scheme to give it a modern look. You could use any neutral, low-volume/contrast fabric for a quilt like this. We were a little picky about shades. Seriously, who knew how many different shades of white there are! Well, if you’re an avid painter, you know. We were trying to keep all … Continue reading Modern gray and white neutrals quilt