Fabric Basket and Eggs tutorial

I have to say, I’m so happy March is here. It’s probably one of my favorite months. And with Easter coming early in the calendar (only a few weeks away) I thought it would be a good time to share this easy fabric Easter basket and fabric eggs tutorial. (This tutorial was written last year for the Riley Blake Design Team and this year I am finally posting the full version here.) The basket comes together quickly – and looks like patchwork thanks to the fun patchwork ‘cheater’ prints  – but would look great in any fun, spring prints. The fabric requirements for this project are: 1/4 yard outside fabric (patchwork cheater print) 1/4 yard lining fabric (pink polka dots) 1/4 yard Pellon Fusible Fleece (987F) 1/2 yard Pellon Shape Flex 101 For Full Pattern + Basket Template PDF: CLICK HERE Using the pattern template, cut 2 outside pieces, 2 lining pieces, 2 Fusible Fleece pieces, and 2 Shape Flex pieces. For handle cut two 2″ x 8″ strips from exterior fabric and two 1 1/2″ x 8″ strips from Shape Flex. Before you adhere the Fusible Fleece and the Shape Flex to the backs of the fabric pieces, trim 1/4′ … Continue reading Fabric Basket and Eggs tutorial