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Whew! This month has been a busy one – and it’s flown by so fast! I’m finally getting around to sharing the Sew Goodness post this month.

First of all: a huge thank you to those who have sent blocks for last month’s challenge for Project Linus! I have loved opening my mailbox every day and finding at least one package with quilt blocks – many times multiples!

So far I have over 90 blocks! Yay! In case you missed last month’s challenge, here’s what we’re working on: make a monochromatic 12.5″ x 12.5″ log cabin block, using your scraps. We’re going to sew the blocks together for quilts to donate to Project Linus. It’s not too late to send blocks if you want to contribute! I’ll be accepting them through the end of April.

Then I’ll count and sort the blocks. I’ve had a few people offer to piece quilt tops or quilt them. I’ll be contacting you shortly.

Thank you so much for your help! And for the sweet notes you’ve included with your blocks. It makes my heart happy!


I’m excited to feature this month’s charity:

Days For Girls.

Since starting the Sew Goodness challenge in January, I’ve recevied numerous comments and emails reccomending this cause. It’s such an important one. Most of you are probably familiar with Days for Girls, but in case it’s something new to you, let me introduce you.


Days for Girls was founded 10 years ago to provide solutions for women and especially school-age girls in impoverished countries where lack of feminie hygeine products limits their ability to go to school and work many days each month. The Days for Girls kits provide reusable hygiene products that can be washed and used for years, not only giving these girls independence, but also confidence.

The whole Days For Girls site is so well organized. I’m going to just send you there for all of the information you need to learn about their mission, as well as what you need to get started if you’d like to help.

Image from Days for Girls


And there are SO many ways to get involved and contribute including financial donations, volunteering as a coordinator, or sewing components of the kits at home.

Because DFG has such specific instructions and needs, I recommend finding a local ‘team’ in your area that you can contact and work with. They are the pros who already have a honed system up and running. It’s very easy to find a local chapter using this page.

Image from Days for Girls


I’m so thankful for amazing women who see a need – something that we in first world countries just take for granted – and find solutions not only to bless the lives of millions of girls around the world, but also to provide a meaningful opportunity for us first-world-ers to help out!

For anyone who is already involved with sewing for Days For Girls, feel free to chime in with any helpful advice or personal experiences.

Charity Sewing - Days For Girls

If you’re new to the Sew Goodness monthly prompts and causes, or want to see what we’ve already done this year, check out this Sew Goodness round up and information page.

Remember: you don’t have to do it all! If you are already involved in charitable sewing projects (or other good works of any kind!) keep doing that! This is not meant to stress anyone out. Just an little inspiration if you’ve got time to give and are looking for meaningful causes in need!

So many of you already do so much charitable sewing. You inspire me!

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  • Reply
    Betty Anne Alexander
    April 25, 2018 at 7:26 am

    I am very pleased to see you highlight Days for Girls in your charity recognition this month. I am involved in our local chapter of Days for Girls. It is such a worthwhile cause and I believe it makes a huge difference in the lives of the young women that are recipients of the kits.

  • Reply
    Susan S
    April 25, 2018 at 8:03 am

    I have read about this project before but now you’ve inspired me! My small group at church is looking for projects and I think this will work! I have already written to my local group for info so we will see what happens.

  • Reply
    Elisabeth G
    May 1, 2018 at 4:37 pm

    I’m so happy to see you featuring Days for Girls on your blog – they are a great organization. I work overseas in Africa and Asia and I can tell you that having sanitary supplies is super important for women and girls.

    Among other benefits, it means that girls don’t have to miss a week of school each month, and it means that post-partum women are limited to their homes for 6 weeks after their babies are born.

    Every year during the winter holidays, my step-daughter and I, along with some of her friends, sew packages for DFG – they provide great instructions on their website and even beginner sewers can do it.

    Thanks again!

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