About Amy

Amy Smart the woman behind top US quilting blog, A Diary of a QuilterWelcome to my quilt blog. I am Amy Smart, a wife, mother and quilter.

My mom started teaching me how to quilt and sew when I was young but I felt way too dorky ever sharing that with the outside world.  It wasn’t until I had my first baby over 16 years ago that I really started finishing the projects I started and became more of a real quilter.  It felt good to have something in my life that stayed done, as opposed to the diapers and dishes and floors that seemed to need to be re-done quite frequently.

But I still felt like a granny telling anyone that I was a sewer/quilter. Enter blogland. It has been so fun and liberating for me to find hundreds of other people who share the same interest in cutting up fabric into little tiny pieces and sewing them back together as I do. I really came out of the fabric closet and started a blog of my own about my quirky hobby. Sometimes when I find out that neighbors or other friends have found my goofy quilting blog I revert back into my “I’m such a weirdo” worries, but for the most part this little piece of cyber-space has been a fun endeavor.


Amy Smart the woman behind top US quilting blog, A Diary of a Quilter

Besides quilting I also like to read books, watch old movies or Masterpiece Theater mini-series, and eat really good ethnic food – especially if someone else makes it. (Sadly, for those that rely on me for food each day, I don’t love to cook, although I do it anyway because I love those people.)
Feel free to email me with any questions, suggestions or links to great fabric sales: amy@diaryofaquilter.com. If I’m ever slow responding to comments or questions, know that I grateful, that I’m just attending to the people who live with me, and that I will get back to you as soon as I can!


The Sewing Summit 2011, Salt Lake City, Utah

Riley Blake Fabric Fest 2013, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Sewing Summit 2013, Salt Lake City, Utah

Quilt Bliss 2014, Heber Mountains, Utah

SNAP Creative Conference 2014, Salt Lake City, Utah

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2014, London, UK

SNAP Creativity Conference, April 2015, Salt Lake City, Utah

Winterfest, January 2016, Logan Utah