A comfortable favorite

I almost started this post with the title: “My favorite quilt” but then I ran across a few more quilts today that are other favorites for other reasons. So I can’t honestly list it as THE favorite but it is definitely one of them. This is the quilt that I keep on the family room couch. Sometimes when I make quilts I refuse to let anyone touch them, or I hang them on the wall, or keep them folded away for seasons, etc. This one was made expressly for the purpose of USING. I love wrapping up in it to watch a movie (rare), or take a nap (even more rare). Or watching my kids wrap-up in it (more likely). It’s one of those scrapy ones where I loved gathering as many different 4 1/2″ squares as I could find – and they all look so much cooler together.

Plus it makes the denim slip-covers on the old couch at our house look so much cooler. (Slip covers are a must at our house. I LOVE being able to throw it in the washing machine whenever it gets marred by marker, or juice, or worse! I realized recently that even if I *could* go out and buy new couches tomorrow, I probably wouldn’t until everyone is a little older, or at least potty-trained!)

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