Top 5 Brand New Gifts for Quilters

One of my favorite posts of the year that I love to update is my Gifts for Quilters. And usually I include a long list of handmade gift ideas as well as nifty tools and notions, books, and other specialty gifts. 

Brand New Gifts for Quilters featured by top US quilting blog, Diary of a Quilter

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may already know, my left index finger tip had an unfortunate run in with a fresh rotary cutter blade. As a result I’m temporarily re-learning to type with 9 fingers, and therefore, a little slow and not up for a brand new long list. So I’m going to refer you back to my master Gifts to Make or Give to Quilters post for the long-list-version of ideas.

50+ Ideas to Make or Give Quilters and Sewing Lovers

 I am going to add 5 new gift ideas for 2019! So if you’re looking for a quick list of the latest for this year, here you go:

(*this gifts for quilters post contains affiliate links meaning I receive a small commission if a purchase is made. thank you!)

Top 5 Gifts for Quilters for 2019

Best Gifts for Quilters: Mini Travel/Craft Iron

Brand New Gifts for Quilters featured by top US quilting blog, Diary of a Quilter: mini craft iron

One of my favorite nifty, new tools this fall is the Oliso Mini Craft Iron. Oliso sent me one to sample and I have loved it. I took it with me on a recent retreat and it was so handy to have close by. It comes with a silicone trivet for use as both travel/storage and as a sole plate for the iron to rest on in the face down position. It’s small and lightweight, and fits ergonomically in the palm of your hand, but has the weight of a heavy duty iron when pressing. Also a nice tip for detailed pressing and getting into those seams.

One feature that I like is that it stays hot and ready to press. No waiting for your iron to heat up when you need a quick seam press. (This is also something to be careful of if you’re prone to leave your iron turned on for extended time – you definitely don’t want to leave it plugged in for extended amounts of time.)

Get the Oliso Mini Craft Iron on sale here.

Best Gifts for Quilters: Folding Travel Quilting Ruler

Brand New Gifts for Quilters featured by top US quilting blog, Diary of a Quilter: folding quilting ruler

Another super cool, new-to-me notion is this handy Threaders folding ruler from Crafter’s Companion. It’s a 6″ x 24″ ruler that folds into a nice 6″ x 6″ block, making it easy for packing/travel and for storage. I worried before I tried it that it wouldn’t stay flat when I was cutting fabric, but it works great – just like my regular 6″ x 24″ ruler. (This size is a must have ruler size in my opinion, so if you don’t already have one, this might be a good one to invest in.)

Best Gifts for Quilters: New Quilt Books

  Brand New Gifts for Quilters featured by top US quilting blog, Diary of a Quilter: new quilt books

Some of my favorite new books of 2019: These have some really fun projects for using your stash, FQ friendly, or small, handmade gifts and projects. Each book would make a great gift as they all have a variety of projects and patterns that would appeal to almost every quilter.

The Big Book of Little Quilts from That Patchwork Place – this 240 page book has 51 patterns for assorted mini quilt in a variety of styles (traditional, modern, etc) and skill levels. 

Fresh Fat Quarter Quilts by Andy Knowlton is a brand new book with 12 patterns designed specifically for using Fat Quarters. A great resource for ideas to bust through your stash. I have a quilt in the works from this book that I’m so excited about!

Patchwork USA by Heidi Staples has 24 adorable projects from zipper pouches, pillows, and bags as well as quilt.  It’s full of gorgeous photography to fuel your creativity. It’s already a favorite of mine.

Perfectly Pretty Patchwork by Kristine Czepuryk is another one with a variety of sweet patchwork projects, big and small, with lots of details.

Jelly-Filled- 18 Quilts from 2 1/2″ strips by Vanessa Goertzen (not pictured)- is another new book full of fresh, fun designs. You can see more photos from this book here.

Best Gifts for Quilters: Quilting Safety Gloves

Brand New Gifts for Quilters featured by top US quilting blog, Diary of a Quilter: quilting safety gloves

This one hits a little too close to home (literally). Since my rotary cutter run in, I’ve had many people recommend a protective safety glove. I ordered the Klutz glove by Fons and Porter as it came highly recommended, but there are other safety glove options on Amazon as well

Knowing myself well, I might feel restricted in the full glove. And since it is always my left index finger that has taken the brunt of every cutting/needle injury, I looked for options that would simply protect that finger. I found this set of Cut-resistant Finger Protectors. In my unscientific testing, they could still be snipped with extra-sharp scissors, but when I tried running into them with a rotary cutter, they definitely stopped the blade. I even if a blade does hit your finger, it would do far less damage than unprotected. And the visual reminder of the finger protector alone, may help you be a little more careful. 

I’m definitely not an official expert – I still need to actually test using them while cutting – but I’m giving the finger protectors to my quilting friends this year!

Best Gifts for Quilters: Sewing Machines

Brand New Gifts for Quilters featured by top US quilting blog, Diary of a Quilter: sewing machines

Last item on this list: I’m frequently asked about sewing machines, particularly entry-level machines. I’ve been working with Baby Lock for a while now and highly recommend all of their machines. And they have a machine for every skill-level!

This Jubilant machine is part of the new Genuine Collection of entry-level machines. I’ll be sharing more about the Jubilant in the coming year, but I’m excited to have a smaller, portable machine that still offers lots of useful features. It’s also a good beginner machine if you’re looking to get started.

Whatever your machine needs are, I definitely suggest visiting your nearest local Baby Lock dealer, rather buying a machine from a big box store. You can find your nearest Baby Lock dealer here.

The local dealer will have a variety of levels of machines – from beginner to super-deluxe. They also offer free classes with a machine purchase so that you can learn how to use all the features on the machine. And if the machine you buy isn’t right, they are more likely to let you exchange. They’ll also take your machine later as a trade in when you’re ready for an upgrade, and they will also be much more helpful should you need any technical support or long-term maintenance.

Happy Gifting!

And have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you’re celebrating here in the States!

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    Thanks for your recommendations. I just tried the Oliso mini iron discount order code and it is not recognized.

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      Thanks so much for the heads up! I just updated with the Black Friday code that will work.

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    Hi, Amy. I would love to order the Oliso Mini Craft Iron on your recommendation. I tried to use your coupon code but it says it’s not valid. Is there a certain day to use it? Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving! Sarah F.

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      I’m so sorry – I don’t know why that one is not working. I recommend using the BLACKFRIDAY20 instead. I just double checked it and it works. 🙂

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    Louise Brasted
    November 30, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    Hi Amy I two need the finger protectors my left index finger has now outwardly healed but is still tingly and sometimes numb around the cut area. I ended up with 6 stitches my husband made me go to emergency I was going to just wrap something round it and keep going but funnily enough it wouldn’t stop bleeding🙊 But I didn’t bleed on my fabric so that’s a plus. I think I’ll buy myself Chrissy present some finger protectors I too find full gloves restrictive. Here’s hoping we are both more careful in the future🥴🤞

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      November 30, 2019 at 8:27 pm

      Yes! Here’s hoping our index fingers recover and avoid any future injuries!

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    I got lot of ideas regarding the best gifts for quilters from this article. As we all know that quilters gloves are also the best gifts for quilters as mentioned in this article. Thanks for sharing such amazing article with us.

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