Hello! Welcome to Diary of a Quilter. I’m your host, Amy Smart.

The short version: I am a mom, wife, and quilter. I’ve been blogging in this space since 2008!

New here? Here are some great places to start. If you have a questions, scroll down to the Frequently Asked Questions section to see if I answer it for you there. Click here for pattern updates.

You can see all of the quilts I’ve made here. And you can see some of the books and magazines I’ve been featured in here.

I’ve written over 100 tutorials in the past 10 years. You can find all of my tutorials here.

My most popular tutorials include:

I have a pattern shop where you can find my most popular patterns (available in both Hard Copy and PDF format.)

I am a fabric designer for Riley Blake Designs. My latest collection is called Notting Hill. You can find information and projects made with my previous collections at these links: Sunnyside Ave Gingham Girls, Gretel, and Sugarhouse Park.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Do you take custom orders for quilts? – Unfortunately no. But feel free to email me if you want a referral for someone who does take custom orders.

Will you resize a pattern for me? – Again, no. As I am writing more and more patterns I am trying to include multiple size options in each pattern. My patterns for sale are clearly marked with what sizes are included in that pattern so you can know before you buy. Resizing a pattern takes a lot of time (of which I’m sadly lacking) but if you want a bigger size, I know you can figure it out. I suggest graph paper and a calculator – the same tools I use – you can do it!

What kind of Sewing Machine do you use? – I’m currently sewing on a Baby Lock Destiny II and I LOVE it. I’ve been working with the Baby Lock company for a few years and can highly endorse their machines. I’ve worked with other manufacturers and found that wasn’t the case, so my Baby Lock endorsement is genuine. If you are looking for a machine, I highly recommend finding the most reputable sewing machine dealer in your area. They can help you find the right machine for your skill level and budget and when either of those changes, they’ll take your machine in as a trade in when you’re ready to upgrade.

Can I sell a quilt made with one of your patterns? Yes! As long as you don’t open a factory in China and start mass producing them. In that case I want a cut.

Please do not copy and resell my patterns, including free tutorials from my blog without written permission.

Are you teaching anywhere sometime soon? Yes! I’ll be teaching at the Riley Blake Designs event Garden of Quilts in Utah, September 2021. More info on that coming soon!

Will you come teach at my shop/guild/basement? Unfortunately right now, I am limiting my teaching and traveling, but feel free to email me privately with a specific inquiry.

Are you accepting unsolicited guest posts: possibly. Send me an email and we’ll see if it’s the right fit! amy@diaryofaquilter.com

If you’re still reading (and like this kind of stuff) here is more of the long version of the behind the scenes of my quilting life:

My mom started teaching me how to quilt and sew when I was young but I felt way too dorky ever sharing that with the outside world.  It wasn’t until I had my first baby over 20 years ago that I really started finishing the projects I started and became more of a real quilter.  It felt good to have something in my life that stayed done, as opposed to the diapers and dishes and floors that seemed to need to be re-done quite frequently.

But I still felt like a granny telling anyone that I was a sewer/quilter. Enter blogland. It has been so fun and liberating for me to find hundreds of other people who share the same interest in cutting up fabric into little tiny pieces and sewing them back together as I do. I really came out of the fabric closet and started a blog of my own about my quirky hobby. Sometimes when I find out that neighbors or other friends have found my goofy quilting blog I revert back into my “I’m such a weirdo” worries, but for the most part this little piece of cyber-space has been a fun endeavor.

Besides quilting I also like to read books, watch old movies or Masterpiece Theater mini-series, and eat really good ethnic food – especially if someone else makes it. (Sadly, for those that rely on me for food each day, I don’t love to cook, although I do it anyway because I love those people.)

There you go!

Feel free to email me with any questions, suggestions or links to great fabric sales: amy@diaryofaquilter.com. If I’m ever slow responding to comments or questions, know that I grateful, that I’m just attending to the people who live with me, and that I will get back to you as soon as I can!