Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh what do you do in the wintertime when all the world is grey?

Do you build endless Thomas railway options?

Do you watch the exciting backhoe down the street, filling in potholes? (We made multiple trips to check out the different pieces of machinery.)
Do you let your kids build "tanks" with the couch, the little-tikes car, the vaccuum cleaner and cord, etc? (I was informed that this one is called "The Drivey-Divey 3000.")
Do you let your kids destroy the styrofoam packaging from a new light fixture with a hammer?
(This one made a big mess, but kept them very entertained.)
Do your kids get out the purler beads?
We've spent a lot of purler-bead time this winter. But I'm starting to get sick of picking beads out of the carpet, so these are back on the shelf for a little while.
My daughter decided to make 'quilt-squares' out of purler beads. A child after my own heart.Or do you play with your fabric?
I do.


  1. When I had kids at home I did all of the above. Now I do the last part. I have loved all of life's stages and this part is no exception.

  2. You're a wonderful mother! You encourage creativity. Mess is good!

  3. looks like you had a crazy day at your house! i don't think i would have gone as far as letting them destroy styrofoam... are you feeling ok?! ha ha
    do you have 5 kids? the pic of them all lined up looking at big equipment is cute.

  4. do i.

    Ok, I haven't done any of that recently, but it felt right. Love you!

  5. I vote for the fabric!! Although, I do remember those days of ripped up paper and couch forts. Oh, to be little.

  6. Explanations: 1) these pictures were not all in one day, although they were only a few days apart. 2) I only have 4 kids. In the picture of the kids watching the backhoe, only two of the boys belong to me. Big sisters were at school. 3) My kids inherited their mess-making talents from me. :)

  7. I let them make a mess too! It's more fun that way :) Love the pics of you fabric!!!

  8. oy - the flurry of white clingy plastic kills me.


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