Christmas Sewing Projects – What I’m Working On

    Hello! I thought I’d share a little bit of some Christmas Sewing projects on my sewing table right now. Not a lot of time to sew in the past few weeks, but I was in the mood to pull some holiday projects to work on. Plus I’ve got a new quilt pattern almost ready to share.

    Right before we left town for Thanksgiving, I finished adding the borders to this blue and white quilt that has been in progress on my cutting/sewing table for weeks so that I could finally get it off to the quilter. This is another variation of the Stars pattern I made with Liberty prints last year. The pattern is finally almost ready. Thanks for your patience – hoping to have it ready to go by next week!

    If you’re in the US I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving weekend. We met up with family in Arizona – it was my first Thanksgiving with my whole extended family in over 5 years. And nice to be in a place where we could spend lots of time enjoying being together outside. My teenagers were a little concerned that the nice weather meant “it didn’t feel like Thanksgiving.” Of which my reply was, “I know. Isn’t it great?!” 😉

    Lots to do when we got home, but I did manage to pull out of couple of Christmas projects to get started on. Including this house block that I made 3-4 years ago. I still love it, and it really needs a finished home.  (The pattern is from Issue #122 of Quilt Mania Magazine (December 2017 – but still in print.) So I decided this is the year I’m going to make it happen. Hopefully.

    I also pulled a bunch of prints from my stash a few years back to go along with it, but have yet to do anything with them. They’ve been patiently sitting in a plastic tub all of this time. I love this kind of muted, darker palette.

    I have a spot on a stairway landing where I like to hang seasonal wall-hanging size quilts. But surprisingly, I don’t really have a good Christmas option to hang in December. So I’ve decided that somehow I want to incorporate this block into a medallion-style quilt. No concrete plan at the moment, but I’m committed to this year and  I’m going to start playing with ideas.

    Another pile on the cutting table is this bunch of Holly Holiday from Christopher Thompson and Riley Blake Designs. I’m making some updated quilt-as-you-go stockings and will share those details next week too!

    I haven’t had much time at my machine for the past few weeks with travel prep, being gone, catching up after we returned and then beginning of all of the Christmas hoopla and decorating. My Christmas decor is also looking pretty pathetic right now. The tree is up but there’s a string lights not working (right in the middle, of course) so it’s keeping everything else at a standstill while I get up the gumption to replace the broken strand. You know how these things go.

    I’ve had a productive week in other aspects of my life (we’re also in the process of renovating our basement as our family Christmas gift – which is also an ideal, but inconvenient, time for a good CLEAN OUT). I’ve been going hard all week, but as a result, today I’m out of gas. So while I have technical computer stuff and much more basement clean out and Christmas decor to work on, I think I’m going to sit at my sewing machine for a bit while I catch up on Project Runway and see if that rejuvenates me.

    Blue and White Patchwork Quilt In Progress

    Here’s the current state of affairs: the Stars quilt back from the quilter and ready to bind (we’re almost there!), and a new project. Of course! More Union Jacks. This is a quilt for a special friend. And apparently I’m also trying to set a record for the number of Union Jack quilts made in one year…

    Good luck with all of your own busy December lists and projects and decorating and all other such hoopla.