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I saw this sign by Rosanna Geissler about a year ago and loved it. 
Thanks to the magic of Pinterest, I found it again. Seems appropriate for this week.
And next . . . wow. Thank you so much for all of your nice comments on my blogiversary. You have made me dangerously close to getting a big, fat head. It is gratifying to know that this silly little blog is appreciated and even enjoyed. Thank you, thank you!
And now I am off to finish up preparations for The Sewing Summit which starts tomorrow. (!) Wow. Feeling excited and nervous all at the same time.  It’s been a crazy busy week around here and I haven’t even started to pack.  I’ve been working on my class presentation and I’m feeling muy anxious. I’m a little scared because, thanks to 4 pregnancies and the results thereof, my memory is shot and so I’m terrible at remembering names, details, anything really.  Also I got a haircut last week that was not what I was expecting and I feel like that guy with the mushroom on his head from Mario Brothers.  Combine that with a fact I have not yet shared on this blog: I got braces 3 months ago, and I’m feeling like I’m back in those awkward junior high years all over again. (Any other adult braces people out there? Please tell me I’ll survive.)
But I’m so excited to be with so many fun women who share the same interests as I do. I know that there are so many who would love to come and can’t because of distance, cost, etc. I got lucky that it happens to be only 40 min away from my house.  If you can’t make it this year, I totally suggest looking for a local guild or group at a local quilt shop. Women who sew are so much fun – even when they’re complete strangers. (This is what I keep telling myself this week!)  It is so worth having an occasional sewing-fest wherever you are. And then one day, we’ll all sit and sew together at that great Sewing Summit in the sky. 😉

If you’re going to be at The Sewing Summit, and you see me, PLEASE come say HI!


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    Good luck with your prep! You will do great. I have not personally had braces at any stage of life, but my little sis just got hers off and is so happy with the results. Hang in there!

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    Best wishes with the summit. I wish I could go…especially now that it's so close! Oh well. I'll enjoy it vicariously through your posts. :)

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    When a person gets braces, at our age, it's different than at 13. I personally think, oh wow, they are going to look even more incredible once they are off. At an older age, we look at it as inhancement … as a kid, I felt like a nerd. As an adult, I'm inhancing my overall health and looks. Bet you look wonderful! Have fun … wish we could all go :)

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    I got braces when I was 42. I had had them as a teenager but hated them and didn&#39;t persevere. The the second set were &#39;welded&#39; to my teeth so there was no &#39;taking them out because they hurt&#39;.<br />I soon stopped being self conscious even though I was in a job which involved meeting the public, organising events and chairing meetings so I know you will be just fine. I&#39;m

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    WhooHOooooo! The girl is going to the Sewing Summit….you and Dana….two of my fav people! Have fun girlie!<br /><br />Braces…awesome!:)<br />xo

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    The Sewing Summit sounds like so much fun! I&#39;m sure you&#39;ll do great! I would be so excited (and slightly nervous) to attend any kind of sewing event! It&#39;s so inspiring to see other sewer&#39;s work and how creative they are. Good luck! :)

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    The great sewing summit in the sky! I love that. Have a great time, wish I was coming… maybe next year :) I got my braces after I turned 16. which in my mind was basically an adult. And I survived. The first two months were the worst, after that my teeth looked at least straight(er) than they had. You&#39;ll be wonderful I am sure!

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    I once had the mushroom hair cut too, it grew out but there&#39;s still photographic evidence that needs burning!! I&#39;m sure yours isn&#39;t that bad and sometimes it&#39;s how they dry it. Don&#39;t feel bad about the braces, I&#39;d get them if I could!!<br />Relax and enjoy the sewing summit :)

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    I have had the &#39;priveledge&#39; of having braces twice, once as a teen as once in my 20&#39;2- dating age. It isin&#39;t so bad. In fact, my now husband asked me out the day I got them off and now 10 years later we are happily married and I have much to smile my beautiful straight teeth about. Have a great time.

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    I have that mushroom haircut to they must be going around. You are such a sweetie nobody will notice and they have come to meet and see what you have to teach them about their favorite thing quilting. Good Luck and have fun.

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    I am crushing on that striped binding! It will be pretty on that quilt.<br />I had Invisalign a few years back and that went pretty well. Hurts just as much as any other braces, but hardly anyone knew I was wearing them. You will look back on this time and think &#39;now, that wasn&#39;t bad, and so worth it!&#39;

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    You are going to have so much fun! I got braces at 51 and went to my first Quilt Market sporting them. I know how you feel! But quilters are the best – kind, loving and accepting. You&#39;ll forget all your worries once you get there. Can&#39;t wait to hear from everyone how it went!

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    Have fun at the Summit – wish I could go, but the airfare was just out of reach. You&#39;ll do great because you&#39;re fab! Good luck with the braces – I&#39;ve never had them either, but wished upon all wish that I could have them in junior high like the rest of the peeps. See? Now I just feel left out all over again!! :)

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    Have fun at the Summit – wish I could go, but the airfare was just out of reach. You&#39;ll do great because you&#39;re fab! Good luck with the braces – I&#39;ve never had them either, but begged for them so that I could have them in junior high like the rest of the peeps. See? Now I just feel left out all over again!! :)

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    I wish I was going to the Sewing Summit.<br />I waited until I was 46 to get braces and I was very proud of them. I wore them for 3-1/2 years and I was a sales manager and had to talk on the phone a lot. Even had to make a presentation a couple of weeks after I had them put on. <br />It was all worth everything I went through.<br /><br />Have fun at the summit. I sure hope you blog about the trip

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    I wish I had gotten braces in my earlier years. Just think how much prettier you will be. And I cannot remember names or birthdays either. Have fun at the sewing summit. Show us things when you return.

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    No worries :) you will be fine…I am especially looking forward to the eternal sewing summit with perfect bodies and minds (and hair?) But for now: great picture!! the greens/blues are perfect and made me sigh happily–thank you!

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    Have a blast at the Sewing Summit Amy! You&#39;ll do great at the class and you&#39;ll probably be the cutest one there! I can&#39;t make it (would love to) so just say hi to everyone I know (?) from me!!

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    I too was an adult braces wearer, it will be okay and get even better. It was a present to myself, I was so aware of my crooked teeth I found myself not smiling. I got through it just fine and feel so much better for doing it. I wish you luck and send prayers for a great talk and for the summit to go awesomely great. I wished I lived in the area so I could attend.

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    I&#39;ve just returned to Australia from a month in the US with my husband. Had the best time, especially shopping around Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with one of my Aussie quilting buddies that we met up with over there. Quilting heaven! Your blog is always inspiring.

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    I&#39;m sure you will have a great time at the summit. The braces will be so worth it in the end. Anyone that gets them as an adult has a lot of guts.

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    I had braces as an adult &amp; have worked in the orthdontic field for 31 years…..YOU WILL SURVIVE &amp; BE SO HAPPY WHEN YOUR TREATMENT IS FINISHED!! One of the best things I ever did for myself.

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    I had braces as a girl (this is going back 40-50 years) but they were taken off too soon and I wasn&#39;t given a proper retainer. So not only did my teeth go back to being crooked, they ended up worse than when I had started. When I was in my 50s, my husband (the saint) gave me a birthday present of…INVISALIGN, braces that don&#39;t show. I now have nice straight teeth, and I wear my

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