True Colors Modern Dresden Circle Quilt

Today is my day to share as part of the True Colors by Free Spirit blog tour. This past fall Free Spirit fabric company debuted the True Colors collections – a collection of fabric blenders by four of their popular designers: Joel DewberryHeather BaileyAnna Maria Horner, and Jenean Morrison. Creative Bug made a beautiful video with the individual designers talking about their inspiration and motivation to create their True Colors collections. 
I was given the opportunity to play with this pretty True Colors bundle by Jenean Morrison
I also mixed in some of the blender prints from Jenean’s latest collection for Free Spirit: Wishing Well.
Here are is the full collection from Wishing Well. A really sweet bundle of prints and colors.
And this is the project I created with Jenean’s fabrics – a modern dresden circle quilt. I was inspired as I laid out the fat quarters in color order and knew I wanted something using that spectrum. I’ve always loved Purl Soho’s Color Wheel Quilt and thought this would be the perfect way to create something inspired by that quilt.

My circles measure about 18″ in diameter (across). I created them using a traditional Dresden wedge ruler. (Mine is a EZ Quilting Easy Dresden Ruler. I’ve lost track of how often I use this ruler.) For each Dresden (or circle) block I cut 20 different wedges that were 6″ long, but instead of beginning my measurement from the bottom of the ruler, I started it at the 2″ line and finished at the 8″ line so that I’d get a wider wedge. (I’ve written another Dresden circle tutorial here if you would like to see how to assemble the 20 wedges.)

When each circle was completed I appliqued the block to a 22″ square of white fabric, then quilted the block with a piece of batting. I decided to applique and quilt each block separately to make the quilting a little bit easier, but you could applique all four blocks onto a 42″ x 42″ square of fabric as well.

Coats and Clark provided me with thread for this project. The thread worked really well for both piecing and quilting.

After the blocks were quilted, I sewed the four blocks together, pressing seams open to help the bulk of the batting lie as flat as possible. Then basted the front piece to the backing and quilted a little bit more to hold the back layer together. I used more of Jenean’s Wishing Well for my backing and binding fabrics.

This was such a simple project, but I love the visual impact. I’m such a sucker for simple, primary colors – especially when they’re in color spectrum order. I’m hanging this quilt in my new sewing space. 
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Speaking of entering to win, I have a fat quarter bundle of Jenean’s True Colors to giveaway as well as a jelly roll and two charm packs to two more lucky winners. If you’d like the chance to enter, leave a comment on this post telling me what colors you’d choose if you had to pick your “True Colors.” Giveaway open until Saturday, Feb 1 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED. (Please be sure there is a way I can contact you if you are randomly selected!)

Darcy said…

Amy this is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing such a lovely giveaway and project :-) My one true color is always green but I’m also a complete sucker for a good fabric rainbow.
Lynn said…
I have said before I am loving using the spectrum of colors right now but my true colors are aqua and green together!
 Catskill Quilter said…
My true colors are aqua and orange – love the way they play together! (Thanks for the info on using the Dresden ruler; I am going to try it this week!)


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    Beautiful quilt! I love Dresden plates and Jenean's fabrics are perfect for them. My colours are greens, blues and greys with a little yellow thrown in for happiness. Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

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    I like the Dresdens – very, very nice. My true colors are blue, blue, and more blue. Happy blues,not sad blues. I like blue and white and often red with it. Since becoming a breast cancer survivor, I am adding more pink. I do enjoy aqua, too. It was my mom's favorite color. She even had a Christmas tree that she decorated in aqua and pink to coordinate with the wall paper in her dining

  3. says

    my true color would be aqua. I love your pinwheels! so happy in those winter days!<br />thank you for the chance to win. <br />

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    What a lovely quilt and a fun question! My true colours would be aqua, cobalt, petrol, emerald, olive, lime, mustard, salmon, coral, brown and red.

  5. says

    My colours would be purple, orange and grey/neutrals possibly splashed with some grasgreen. Thanks for participating in the blog hop and a chance to win this fabulous fabric!

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    You made a very Mondern Dresden Quilt. Nice to show how you quilted it as squares then put the four squares together. Great colors. Primary Colors are my True Colors. Red, Yellow and Blue – like the Song my Children used to sing. Thanks for Sharing! Can&#39;t resist a GIVEAWAY!

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    I love the colours purple and green together. They are probably not a common pairing, but it&#39;s one I find very pleasing. Thanks for the chance of a giveaway.

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    I am a ble person and probably purple when excited. Those are MY true colours. The idea of blenders but using different designers is genius. Gives variety yet an underlying connection.

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    Those bundles are all gorgeous and I can see why you were inspired to do a colour wheel. I am always drawn to the cool, calming colours – blues and greens. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

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    Love your Dresdens. My current favorite color combinations are yellows, bright greens, and aqua put together with grays for contrast. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I love these fabrics – green would have to feature, and you can&#39;t have green without yellow…. if truth be told I like all colours…..

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    I love your take on that quilt. I too have always loved it, but I think four smaller dresden wheels are awesome. I love yellows. My most favorite color. All shades and hues, it always feels warm and it pairs well with so many colors. Thanks for the tutorial too.

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    Such beautiful and colourful Dresdens! I think my true colours would have to be aqua&#39;s and purples, although not necessarily together! x

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    Love your rainbow dresdens! I would use the blues and greens–remind me of lakes and streams and beautiful blue skies over green grass and trees. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Jenean&#39;s collection is my fave of the True Colors collections. My fave color in General is red, although I like them all for quilting!

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    I can&#39;t stop obsessing over that green on top of the bundles. I would use that and add some pink, blue and orange. All pinwheels to get ready for summer :)

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    This collection is lovely — I would follow tour lead and make a color wheel quilt — we are having such a dreary winter here in the northeast and looking at those colors makes me happy:-)

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    I love the colour wheels! If I had to chose my colours? Must I choose? I love them all, and it depends on the mood of the moment. Today, I feel like orange and aqua with a bit of gray. tomorrow might be something else…

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    Amy this is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing such a lovely giveaway and project :-) My one true color is always green but I&#39;m also a complete sucker for a good fabric rainbow.

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    We have gale force winds here–and have had them since the weekend–and the rain is coming down sideways. It is so nice to see your bright dresdens for a bit of color! I think I&#39;d go with red for my choice of fabric color, though I&#39;ve been gravitating towards oranges lately. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Love this fabric! And I love the use of the color wheels to emphasize the range of colors! I love the greens and purples but I think the purple prefers the orange in this case.

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    I&#39;d choose green, pink, aqua, coral, purple, yellow – well rounded and sweet (haha). Green is my favourite and I think the others compliment it well. Your quilt is lovely by the way, and I love your blog. I made my first ever quilt from your baby quilt tutorial!

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    Very pretty dresdens. I would have to pick blues right now though I am always drawn to red. These fabrics are beautiful. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

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    OHHH – I just love your True Colors Dresden Quilt! I&#39;ve been wanting to do something like that for a long time. My favorite color is blue – all shades of blue – but I love lots of colors. Thanks so much for this chance to win some of this beautiful fabric. :)<br />samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

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    I am always a sucker for blues and greens together, but I might have to go with the pinks and oranges together. I am craving a bright summery look right now.<br />(

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    What a pretty, cheery quilt! I love the True Colors collection and if I had to pick a favorite – the pinks are calling my name. Thank you for the chance to win and play with the gorgeous line.<br />Vicky<br />(nananavarre@gmail.com0

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    I&#39;m going to have Cyndi Lauper in my head all day today. I&#39;m crazy for red at the moment, but love the spectrum effect on these plates. Thank you for the giveaway!

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    Since I&#39;ve been obsessed with Flying Geese lately, I would make a color order Flying Geese project I&#39;ve had in mind for a few days now!<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win! :)<br /><br />Andrea (prajaline at gmail dot com)

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    Lovely quilt to hang in your new sewing space! I think my true color is teal. It&#39;s a color I often choose to wear and I always feel good in it. It&#39;s odd that I don&#39;t have much teal in my sewing stash!<br />

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    I would choose all the colors that remind me of the beach, blues, aquas, sand, driftwood, shells. Subzero wind chills make me long for the sun and sand!

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    Oh my goodness, I am in love with the colors in this bundle. I would pick blues, pinks, and yellows. Happy colors. :) I love your quilt, I am hoping to make a dresden quilt someday!

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    My True Colors are green and blue – from lime to hunter, aqua to teal, and sky blue to navy – I LOVE all of them! Thanks for some inspiration and a great giveaway.

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    What a gorgeous Dresden; one of my most favorite blocks and/or quilts. My true colors are purple, red, and/or lime green. I very much am starting to like aqua and there is a certain shade of green too that I am drawn to although I can&#39;t think what it might be called; maybe a darker moss green possibly.<br /><br />vburr at charter dot net

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    My true colors are green, green and more green – in all shades, but I like to mix it with other colors, usually very energetic ones. But when comes to wearing a colors it must be red, red, and more red;)

  35. says

    Amy – you didn&#39;t even mention the coordinated strip of &quot;true colors&quot; binding on your quilt….LOVE it! My true colors…hmmm….I love all colors, but I guess I&#39;d have to say hot pink, tangerine and bright yellow.

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    Your dresdens are gorgeous! There&#39;s a serious gap of purples in my stash, lately. I&#39;d love to add some to my stash. Thanks for the chance, xx

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    This turned out so beautiful!! I can pick just one true color… Would have to say green, purple &amp; orange. Just love so many colors… color is good for the soul!

  38. says

    So hard to choose. All of the colors are beautiful. I think I would lean towards the yellows and oranges. Probably because we are having a dreary, very cold winter here in the Northeast and they make me think of Spring. It&#39;s only a couple months away – right!!

  39. says

    I don&#39;t know if it&#39;s a passing thing, but probably seasonal– I&#39;m really into dove grey and cerise (wild orchid) these days, and I love them with a bit of chocolate brown and a pale pale robin&#39;s egg blue….. Lovely True Colors! Crossing my fingers 😛

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    My true colors are all &quot;happy&quot; colors….blues, lime/bright greens, coral, teal among my favorites! I love these color wheels….Definitely want to try those! Thanks for all your inspiration!

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    Your dresdens look so good!!! For my true colors I love violet &amp; turquoise, but I really like to set quilts on a gray or black background and am partial to rainbow colors and batiks in my quilts.

  42. says

    Your wall hanging is gorgeous! I would love to have a colour wheel to hang on my sewing room wall! My true colours are blues and right now teal is a favourite.

  43. says

    I would work with the pinks, reds, orange and maybe throw in some yellows to mix it up – or purples maybe…oh so many choices – would love to win this giveaway so I can play…..

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    Love your Dresdens!! Gorgeous!! Thanks for Tutorial too! :)<br /><br />My colors always seem to head toward greens &amp; blues…but I love all happy colors!

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    Your dresdens are stunning, a dresden was the first block I ever made and I still have a soft spot for them. my favourite colours are all shades of aqua with some red and pink thrown in for good measure. Thanks for a fun giveaway.

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    Love your dresdens! I&#39;m hooked on dresdens, hexies, rainbows, angels and butterflies. Favorite colors are any shade or hue of purple along with some oranges and/or yellows. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  47. says

    I guess my true color would be blues. I have a large blue stash. But lately, I&#39;ve been drawn to greens and even orange!<br /><br />lin3841 at gmail dot com

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    I love your wall hanging as everyone else does! You&#39;ve got talent that&#39;s for sure! I fell in love with the Dresden block when I saw it on a &quot;Sewing With Nancy&quot; show. Thanks for the giveaway… I love love love purple!!!!

  49. says

    That last photograph is *gorgeous.* It really has major impact on the wall. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite color is dark, dark teal. But I love off-white (!) and most other blues, especially all blues that have some green in them. I love ALL colors in the right hands (not mine) and used properly.

  50. says

    When I saw the photo of your post pop up on my feedly I immediately thought of the Purl Soho Wheel:) Love yours as a wall quilt! My colours…are any that put me in a good mood- at present I am going through a hot pink-orange-yellow phase, as I have the winter blues. Thanks for a chance at winning!<br />ibs102 (at) hotmail dot com

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    Love it! I have been meaning to make a color wheel quilt forever! Yours has inspired me to get working on it! I would say that my true colors are blue and light grey :) thanks for the giveaway!

  52. says

    As my 4-year-old daughter puts it &quot;I love all the pretty colors.&quot; I am personally drawn to blues in all shades, but as I have been making quilts for others it is stretching the colors I use. Bringing a 4-year-old to the quilt store and letting her pick something too will also make you stretch.<br /><br />Gorgeous Dresden plate – I am putting it on my need to try this list.

  53. says

    My colors are definitely blue and gray. While yellow is my favorite color, I always gravitate towards blue and gray in both clothing and crafting!

  54. says

    Great wall hanging! Love the bright colors, but I also love muted and darker colors too. I can never decide what my favorite color scheme is! I&#39;m fairly new to quilting, so I am trying to explore with color to see what speaks to me. Corals, mustards, deep purple, and deep teal are always nice!

  55. says

    Wow. This is absolutely beautiful. I&#39;ve never made a Dresden Plate, but now I want to try! <br /><br />I am all about the purples and blues. :-) I love them, and have loved them for years.

  56. says

    OMG! Just one? Well, my favorite color is blue, so I would pick the blues/violets, and if I could add another tone, it would be green.. Love the quilt! I&#39;ll have to try the dresden — I&#39;m still new to the whole quilting experience but have fell in love with it though.

  57. says

    My true colors are reds, yellows, teals, grays, greens, pinks, and oranges. I don&#39;t sew very often with blues or purples, at least not yet!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  58. says

    My true colour is a pinky-purply-red — perhaps you might call it raspberry. I have a shirt from Land&#39;s End that is the perfect shade and I would wear it every day, it just makes me happy.<br />ljridge4511 (at) gmail (dot) com

  59. says

    I haven&#39;t made a dresden before, those look great in the bright colors! I&#39;d say my colors are lime green and orange, though I promise never to put them together as the main colors in a quilt. Thank you for the giveaway!

  60. says

    I love your quilt… The rainbow Dresden is on my Must Do Next list and it would be even more possible if I won this fabric bundle!!! Thanks for the chance! PS I am definitely going to pin your mini quilt on my Quilt &amp; Sew Pinterest board!

  61. says

    So pretty, love the fabric and what you did with it, and the selvedges are so cute! Choosing colours? Err, everything except brown lol<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win :o)

  62. says

    Beautiful colour wheel quilt Amy!! I have not made a dresden yet but would love to sometime soon.<br />My all-time favourite colours are blue, blue, blue. In any shade. Thanks for a chance , I really hope, to win!<br /><br />

  63. says

    Very cool! So the colors I prefer in general are purple, pink, and yellow… and as for the True Color bundles…all 4 lines are fabulous but I think I would prefer Anna Maria Horner true bundle.

  64. says

    I love your quilt! So nice! I am using a lot of grays and black and white in my quilts these days. I like how they make the other colors pop!

  65. says

    pramuditahandaristi at gmail dot com<br /><br />My true color would be a blue green color! So cyan, turquoise, and all the colors in the blue-green family :)

  66. says

    I love blue and green–maybe because I always want to be calmer! But I think reds, pinks, and oranges best represent the whirlwind I tend to be. 😉

  67. says

    Your Dresden quilt is beautiful. I always enjoy a quilt full of the rainbow colors. I guess my true colors would be all of those rainbow brights too.

  68. says

    My true colors would definitely involve purple and blue. I&#39;ve always been a blue girl but purple came eith my daughter and there&#39;s no going back. Purple is here to stay.

  69. says

    I just love Dresden plates! Thanks for the tute on the ruler I actually have the ruler and I think now is the time to try it out. My true colors would be something like…um….hot pink lime green and a bright blue. Thanks for taking the time to have the giveaway for all of us.

  70. says

    I think mine would probably be all cool colors- purples, blues, and greens. They&#39;ve just always been my thing! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  71. says

    My favorite colors are reds and blacks. I have a lot of these colors in my stash, so I would love to add purples, yellow and greens. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. says

    I love the Dresden quilt. My favorite colors are blues and greens with a splash of yellow. I just started following your blog and love how you use color.

  73. says

    My true colors are the purples, aquas, and blues. But I love all colors and love a pop of bright yellow or orange in a quilt or other project. Thanks for the chance to win. Jackie

  74. says

    I love your quilt. I&#39;m working on one now for my grand daughter that is shades of pink and orange. I&#39;m partial to pink and Brown&#39;s though but I could use any combo of such lovely fabric!

  75. says

    What lovely color wheels!!! Great dresden&#39;s. My true colors are anything in the sea color range of blues greens and aqua. So peaceful to my. I do like to add other color pops from time to time as well.

  76. says

    Loving the dresden circle quilt, a dresden quilt is on my quilt bucket list. Maybe i&#39;ll try and get around to it this year! My colours would be blue, pink and purple, although I do love all the colours especially when laid out in the spectrum.

  77. says

    I have not made a dreden yet, but I am sure i will someday. They are so pretty. I love a rich purple and lime green. These colors just pop. I also love anything abstract and I see some of the fabrics are definetly my liking. Would love to win! Thank you

  78. says

    This dresdens looks so beautiful. Such a happy quilt. It&#39;s snowing here, so it&#39;s nice to have something bright in front of my eyes. <br />I&#39;m in aqua, lime and light grey phase…<br />Thanks for this great giveaway.

  79. says

    Red is my color but when it comes to quilting all colors soft or bold speak to me….when it comes to color I don&#39;t discriminate, I let the design or the occasion determine what color path I take. If I had to pick a blender bundle I would choose Jenean&#39;s :). Prismsaz@cox.Red is my color but when it comes to quilting all colors soft or bold speak to me….when it comes to color I don&#39;

  80. says

    I have never made a Dresden before, something else on the &#39;to do&#39; list! Yours is beautiful! Love the colours! My true colours are probably purples and blues.

  81. says

    I&#39;d have to say the greens and the yellows – so bright and spring-y – but the whole rainbow really thrills me.<br /><br />Liz<br />

  82. says

    My favorite colors are the whole rainbow in clear, clean colors like when light goes through a prism. Tropicals and pastels are good, too. I mostly like to work with cool colors with a touch of warms for sparkle. Occasionally I&#39;ll thrown in some browns or creams. If I have to choose one color, it&#39;s blue for sure. — soparkaveataoldotcom

  83. says

    Love the rainbow of colours. I didn&#39;t really know what my true colours were until I looked at my stash and found I had an abundance of blues, greens and purples…no matter how much I think I have a balanced attraction to colours – the stash doesn&#39;t lie! Thanks for the chance to win some truly lovely fabric :)

  84. says

    Beautiful quilt!!!!! My favorite colors would have to be blue, purple, pink and yellow. However, when you put them all together, like you did, its amazing!!!<br />jenhorsmon(at)gmail(dot)com

  85. says

    Love the quilt, love the fabrics – it&#39;s like an instant cup of happiness!<br />I&#39;m usually a purple girl, but the line greens are fantastic, so that would be my pick.<br />

  86. says

    Love the quilt, love the fabrics – it&#39;s like an instant cup of happiness!<br />I&#39;m usually a purple girl, but the line greens are fantastic, so that would be my pick.<br />

  87. says

    This is SO beautiful!! I love all the colors in your dresdens! So gorgeous!! I tend to lean towards the aqua, orange, yellow, light green, pink colors, however, I really can&#39;t choose a favorite! Thank you so much for the chance!! :)

  88. says

    Love the Dresdens. I have the ruler but haven&#39;t made any yet. I&#39;d say right now my &quot;true colors&quot; (as in the mood I&#39;m in today) are red, but as for the fabrics they are all really lovely and I would love to sew with any and all of them.

  89. says

    The thing about color is that I love them all especially the pure, bright colors. This line is perfect for that. I would say orange for this line and it&#39;s kinda missing from my stash.<br />contentncm at yahoo dot com

  90. says

    I think my true color would be tealaqua. Though I do like a nice deep red or maroon. Oh and blues. It&#39;s so hard to choose; I like all the colors. :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  91. says

    One more beautiful example of why I need a dresden ruler! My true color is red–it&#39;s my power color. But I&#39;m also drawn to purple, grey and teal/aqua.

  92. says

    I tend to like the reds, oranges and yellow but looking at this collection and your quilt makes me like them all. So hard to pick a favorite color when they all look so beautiful together!<br /><br />

  93. says

    apologies if you get this twice, my connection crashed. I love your quilt, I&#39;m drawn to colour wheels too. AS for which colours I&#39;d chose, it&#39;d have to be the whole spectrum

  94. says

    Interessante e colorida a sua colcha!<br />Gosto dos tons de verde, laranja e azuis das coleções.<br />Estou participando sempre e gostaria muito de ter uma oportunidade de ganhar esses tecidos lindos!!!<br /><br />

  95. says

    My true colors have tended to be warm lately, maybe it&#39;s the weather. Red, orange, cheddar, yellow, anything in gingham, with cool grey or aqua to settle things down. I may have to get a few cuts of Wishing Well, it&#39;s great.

  96. says

    I love color, any color but I seem to always go for aqua first followed by yellow. They say if you look in your closet you can see what color is dominate and that&#39;s your favorite but I have all colors. I guess that&#39;s why I love to quilt, I can use all the colors together.

  97. says

    What lovely colours! Makes me want to run to my LQS right now! Sadly I am on a fabric fast so that is not going to happen but it is delightful! And I would be equally delighted to win!

  98. says

    I recently bought the dresden ruler and I&#39;m ready to roll! Such a great way to showcase an array of beautiful colors. The colors best associated with me would be turquoise, copper and oyster.

  99. says

    Love this tour, and your circle variation on the dresden. My &quot;true colors&quot; fall in the turquoise-teal-brown-plum-purple range. Thanks for the chance!

  100. says

    Love your Dresden blocks ~ you have inspired me to take the plunge and make some for my sewing space too! I love the color lime green and most other shades of green. It seems like a happy, clean color to me. I have to say, I am also drawn to all the kona solids right now too…and the look of pairing gray into quilts as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. says

    My colors would definitely include RED! Love the bright and bold colors the best. I&#39;m also a purple fan!<br />I love your circle quilt!! I&#39;ve never tried circles like that.

  102. says

    My favorites at the moment are reds, green, and blues in their brightest, most saturated forms. I love those brights! Th.ank for the chance to win some of these lovely new colors.

  103. says

    I have always been a sucker for purple, orange, and green. There is something so soothing about those colors to me – perhaps it reminds me of fall &amp; earth.

  104. says

    I have a hard time picking favorite colors for quilts, but I tend to gravitate to any tone on tone solid. I love the look of green, aqua, royal blue, and navy right now, but maybe that&#39;s because I&#39;ve been hunting for fabrics for a boy quilt!

  105. says

    I love your color wheel quilt. What a perfect use of True Colors! My all-time true color is purple and I also love jewel tones like blues and reds. Thanks for the inspiration and the giveaway!

  106. says

    I would have to say pink is my color. I have been selecting greens and blues lately but for as long as I can remember I would select something pink, I even had pink cowboy boots when I was 8!

  107. says

    I love the wallhanging you made, so fun and colorful. My true color would be pink. It has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember and it really represents me….a girly girl! Thank you for the chance to win some great fabric!!<br /><br />Tami<br /><br />tamiquilts(at)att(dot)net<br />

  108. says

    My true color is teal. It represents Cervical Cancer, and my only sibling passed away from it in 2010 at the age of 29. I started sewing again to push through the grief. I guess I would pick all shades of blue because that&#39;s what color I gravitate to. Let&#39;s keep in monochromatic :) Thanks for the chance to win. I would LOVE to win some of that fabulous fabric!

  109. says

    Lovely colorwheels quilt! I tend to work with teal/aqua a lot. Something draws me to that color section of the color wheel. I also love red, blue, black, white, brown &amp; gray.

  110. says

    I love all the colors, but lately I&#39;ve been drawn to reds, blacks &amp; greys. So, I guess those would be the colors I would choose. Thanks for the chance to win!<br />

  111. says

    My favorite color is all of them! You could say that makes me fickle, or that I can&#39;t make up my mind. I prefer to think that it makes me open minded and fair!

  112. says

    Beautiful collection! Would love to win the Jelly Roll, but any of the options would be put to good use. I just finished a quilt in colours that were so not my own so I&#39;ve been thinking about &quot;my&quot; palette a lot lately. There would be purples and blue in any shade, with a bit of reds thrown in for fun. <br />Thanks for this chance to win!<br />Jen<br />jenATzingbiasDOTcom

  113. says

    I love dresdans! One is currently on my to do list. My true color is Blue. But at the this moment I&#39;m really drawn to Orange. <br /><br />email = wbotw39 (@)

  114. says

    My true color are purple, pink and teal – my stash leans heavily in that direction. Your color wheel wall hanging is beautiful! Thanks for the give away!

  115. says

    I&#39;ve always loved that Purl Soho quilt too! I love your smaller version.<br />I say that purple is my favorite color, but lately I&#39;m attracted to warmer colors like orange (maybe it&#39;s because it&#39;s been so ridiculously cold this winter!).<br />jennymakesstuff (at) gmail (dot) com

  116. says

    My true color would be pink. It is a color that fits me well. Thank you for the giveaway. Your quilt is beautiful. I wish I could quilt like that.

  117. says

    I&#39;m loving grays and yellows right now. I&#39;d definitely choose one of those because I don&#39;t have enough of either to put together a quilt….yet!<br />Thanks for the opportunity!

  118. says

    Hmmm…hard to choose, but I seem to have more aqua/teal in my stash than anything else (not to mention in my house!). I love your colour wheel. I&#39;ve been so drawn to anything rainbow spectrum lateley this just might be the perfect project to dive in on. Thanks!

  119. says

    I&#39;ve always loved blue–but lately I&#39;ve been really attracted to the combo of teals and pinks! And I just got my own sewing space too–took my college age son&#39;s room–he&#39;s a junior. so at least I waited two years before I kicked him out! (We do have a very comfortable guest room for him to sleep in when he&#39;s home……..)

  120. says

    What a great bundle. I am always drawn towards the red family but when I scrolled back and forth over your picture my eye was immediately drawn to the lighter blues and I don&#39;t know why :) The entire bundle is gorgeous and if I won I&#39;d make a color wheel too I think!<br /><br />Your new sewing area is wonderful….I don&#39;t know why we always think that everyone has the &quot;

  121. says

    I have been planning a color wheel quilt for some time, even have fabric cut, but would LOVE to do a dresden in any/all of these colorways! Thanks for the inspiration! My favorite colors are burgundy and gold, (hail to the redskins – and I am native), but those sadly limit my stash, so I am so in need of more variety.<br />Also, I love anything by AMH.

  122. says

    I&#39;ve always been drawn to blues and greens, however my current favorite colors are reds and light blues combined. I love the striking contrast! Would love to win the giveaway!<br />

  123. says

    My &quot;true colors&quot; are green and purple. I&#39;ve loved green since I was a little girl. Purple has been a recent addition to my &quot;love&quot; list!

  124. says

    I am a rainbow person. I seem to use everything. My newest color to use as a neutral is Navy. I have been thru the white, cream, and yellow neutral phases already. I have made a lot of traditional quilts but am now trying my hand at the modern quilts. Your color chooses are amazing and I am very glad to have found your blogg.

  125. says

    Your quilt is beautiful! I love yellows and oranges and greens today just because it&#39;s too grey outside. Thank you for the chance to win.

  126. says

    This is gorgeous! I&#39;ve been very drawn to gray with almost any accent color. It always used to be red though. I guess I&#39;m toning things down now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  127. says

    Beautiful fabrics – I love all the true colour releases, but this is my favourite. I&#39;m a sucker for bright fabrics in colour spectrum order.<br />Thanks for a great giveaway!

  128. says

    Loving your true colors Dresden! Stunning decor for your room. I have been loving shades of blue lately, calming colors. Normally I choose brighter colors, like reds and oranges.

  129. says

    I am loving your new sewing space. I actually painted my sewing room a similar color. I am eyeing your string quilts with envy..I love scrappy strings! My true colors are greens and yellows. Not neccessarily together :)

  130. says

    This is my first time at your blog and I LOVE it! I just love your color wheel quilt and I would love to win this giveaway! Jeanne Morrison&#39;s line of True Colors looks amazing and of course, Anna Maria Horner&#39;s.

  131. says

    I really need to add some opposite colors on the color wheel from blues, I just did a remodel on my studio so you know that means getting to rearrange those fabrics and I see I have a love for Blue but it want be enough to make a great quilt I am working one.

  132. says

    What a bummer about the leak! :( Hopefully it&#39;s all fixed now and you never have to deal with it again. If I had to pick my colors, they&#39;d all be orange!<br /><br />Elisabeth.woo @ gmail


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