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Hopefully by now you are familiar with Bobbie Lou’s Fabric Factory – it’s one of my favorite online fabric shops because of it’s very unique selection of colorful, modern and contemporary fabrics. This shop is owned by Chelsea who named it after her grandmother who loved to sew, Bobbie Lou.
Bobbie Lou’s just moved from an Etsy shop to a new online shop. It is not only pretty, but so well organized and easy to navigate. Fabric can be searched by Manufacturer, Design, Color and Style. One of the very coolest features is you can sign up for a free personal account and save “swatches” of fabrics you like to your own page and then drag the swatches around, mixing and matching. So cool – and such a great way to keep track of things you see along the way and want to remember. You can order fabric in increments of 1/4 yards, including fat quarters. 
By clicking on New Arrivals, you can always go directly to the latest collections in the shop. Some recent arrivals at Bobbie Lou’s include Emily Herrick’s newest collection Rustique, Brambleberry Ridge by Violet Craft,
and Nightfall from Camelot. Bobbie Lou’s carries some really fun, distinctive prints including a great selection of Novelty prints.

Bobbie Lou’s offers free shipping on any order over $50 in the US and discounted shipping internationally.  You can keep up with the latest arrivals or sale announcements by following @BobbieLouFabrics on Instagram.

Today Chelsea is generously giving away 3 yards of fabric from Bobbie Lou’s! And that can be 3 continuous yards, or an incremental combinations that you choose (i.e. 12 fat quarters, 6 half yards, etc.) Pretty awesome if you ask me. To enter take a quick trip to Bobbie Lou Fabric Factory and leave a comment here sharing something that you love. Giveaway open until Thursday, July 17 at midnight MST. Good luck! GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

WINNER: Afquilt said…

I love chamomile in princess


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    I really love that she only sells fabric that she loves…What amazing taste she has! I love all her fabrics, I cannot pick just one!

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    Lovely shop! I really like the swatch feature – so useful. I'd love some Cottage Treasures in Pink. Thanks so much to you and Chelsea for the chance to win!

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    There's too much to pick but I know I need something light in color to match some bundles I have so that's what I would get….what exactly I don't know :) thanks for the chance

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    I love the new shop! The new fabric on my wish list is Art Gallery's Meadow collection. All this temptation!! Thank you for the chance to have some of my very own.

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    My favorite fabrics at Bobbie Lou's is Nightfall by Camelot. Thank you and Chelsea for the chance to win this great give-away. Take care and God bless, Cory

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    I have been eyeing Art Galleries Arizona fabric line ~ would love to have this in my stash! The swatches feature at Bobbie Lou&#39;s is a great idea. Love her new web site :)<br />

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    The Ripples and Stitched Road designs from the Emmy Grace Collection by Bari J. Also, Arrow by Premier Prints. PS – This shop needs some fabric bundles!!!

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    Don&#39;t Let the Bird Do the Dishes in Powder Blue is just precious. Thank you for the chance to enter such a generous giveaway. <br />

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    Are you freaking kidding me?? There is actual Frida Kahlo fabric and I wasn&#39;t aware of it??? Bobbie Lou Fabrics is now my official favorite because of the Frida La Catrina in Dark Marine line! Love it!

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    Camelot Nightfall is so gorgeous and I can never pass up lovely yellows, Tarika is a wonderful geometric. thanks for the wonderful chance to win fabric!

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    Love the &quot;Ahoy Matey&quot; collection by Michael Miller! I have a new grandson on the way!<br />

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    Great site! I like how you have the different fabric categorized and the colors. I&#39;m also seeing a lot of different fabrics–great work! Love the &quot;Yes, Deer in Navy&quot;! Enjoyed reading about you and the pic of Bobbie Lou–quite a lady! Marlae

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    I am so glad I had a look, I completely surprised myself – I have never been too keen on very loud fabrics, but I fell head over heels in love with the Folklorico collection from Alexander Henry. I especially like Flores De Coyoacan and Las Golondrinas.

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    I enjoyed looking at the different fabrics by style. I wouldn&#39;t know how to categorize some fabrics…it is fun to see what they did.

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    Checked out the new arrivals. The year of the deer just keeps on giving…great fabrics, might have to check out those international shipping rates.

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    I love the Rosemilk fabric but I also love Sienna in Persimmon! There are so any great fabrics to choose from it&#39;s hard to make a decision on just one. Thanks for a great giveaway!

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    BobbyLou Fabrics has a fantastic selection of nautical prints in Red,White, and Blue. Such a great standard for summer in USA.

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    Bobbie Lou&#39;s offers lots of really unique quilting fabric that you just don&#39;t see everywhere, but the best part is that they also offer knits too so that you can whip up a cute skirt or dress in between quilting projects.

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    I always love the Riley Blake chevrons, but there are some great Michael Millers, too, especially Flock and Mod Fish. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Love, love the Rustique fabric! <br />Beautiful, fresh looking designs and color combinations.<br />Thanks for the chance.<br />

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    I like that you can select things by colour, but I notice the Sale and Bundles tabs are empty? Not sure if my computer is having issues displaying things, but that was a little disappointing – I love seeing what kinds of things different shops put into bundles!

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    Oooo! It is always fun exploring new-to-me shops. I scrolled about the New section and saw Water Flowers in Gray– so gorgeous! I can totally envision a new skirt from that. Or dress. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

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    Oooh! Sloan and Sienna in Persimmon! And I already have a project in mind for them! Thank you for introducing us to Chelsea and her Bobbie Lou&#39;s Fabric Factory, Amy!

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    I admire the sophistication of the Nightfall collection Bobbie Lou&#39;s Fabric Factory is carrying! I like that they will sell an individual FQ, too.

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    What a great collection – thank you for the introduction to Bobbie Lou Fabrics… Art Gallery always has an intriguing range and I *love* their &#39;Valley&#39; design by Leah Duncan. Alexander Henry&#39;s Stockholm in Blue / Red is fabulous, too!

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    I have bought from Chelsea before and she is great to deal with and has lovely fabrics. I love Leaf Press in Teal from the Rustique collection.

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    I can&#39;t get over Violet Craft&#39;s Brambleberry Ridge. I am generally not a fan of metallics, but she has managed to include it in this collection in a way that really appeals to me.

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    I love the &quot;Style&quot; feature as a category. She has chosen the kinds of categories I wish I could search for in other shops! &quot;Faux Bois,&quot; &quot;Arrow,&quot; &quot;Baroque…&quot; These are amazing categories!

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    I love the Brambleberry Ridge fabric line, particularly the Flight print in all the colours – love those birds. Thanks for the great giveaway.

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    LOVE this shop!! Such different and gorgeous fabrics!! Sienna Persimmons really caught my eye but I loved all the whimsical fabrics…like the eye glasses! They would make fun backings on quilts!<br />Thanks for the chance to win some of this fabric in your very generous give away!<br />Paulette

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    Beautiful selections! And thrilled to know only a short drive away from me…(too bad no brick and mortar shop though….) Delighted that you (Amy) have given us a heads up about this online store!

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    Loved Flight in Taupe and Open Season in Multi – both would fit in with our barn style home on the Little Red River we just built!!!! Ofcourse would then have to buy the coordinating and contrasting patterns as well….

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    Its a toss up between Timber Valley in Fog or Teal, the Jupiter swatches by Kaffe Fassett, or Foxtrot in Dusk. I look at each and think oooh I want that….

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    The new website looks amazing, clean and fresh with great photography. I love that you can order fat quarters, not many vendors do that any more, and that it&#39;s so easy for me to navigate. Beautiful collection of fabrics, lovingly curated!

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    Love many of the fabrics, some new to me. Nice website, appears easy to use. And I love the Swatches feature. Would be great to win a shopping spree!<br />Thanks for the giveaway chance!<br />Joanna

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    I didn&#39;t have to look any further than the Nightfall you posted–absolutely gorgeous! And what a great fabric shop I knew NOTHING about. How cool!

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    Oh, gee! I can&#39;t begin to decide what I like the most. My swatches page is half the site. Querida in Spice, Patio Lights in Multi, Timber Valley in Lilac, Marrakech in Blossom, Native Band in Jade – oh, I can&#39;t decide!

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    I love how bold, graphic and fresh some of the fabrics in the New Arrivals are. Any one of them could be the inspiration for a whole quilt. But I also like that she has manufacturers that I have not heard of before in addition to the &quot;big guys&quot;. What a nice site to go, browse, get inspriation and branch out in a new direction for the next quilt (or two, or three, etc!!)

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    Aurora borealis actually reminds be of Jelly rolls seen from above! But one of my favorites what the &#39;les amis&#39; print, that would make a great backing fabric!

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    Love shop. Thanks for letting us know about it. I sure could use some Wee Wander. I need to make a gift for a Christening!

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    I was there a couple of days ago! I have my eye on Anna Maria Horner&#39;s Echinacea in OutLoud. It would be great to win, then I wouldn&#39;t need to justify it in any way 😉

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    Thanks so much for the heads up on Bobbie Lou&#39;s. What a great shop. It was tough to pick one, but the Sujata in Pink by Dena Designs was gorgeous! I would love to win and get six half yard cuts, too. Thanks.

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    I&#39;ve been dying to get my hands on the Arizona line by April Rhodes. Looks like she has the whole line. Hope it is still available once I&#39;ve saved my pennies.

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    This is an AWESOME giveaway! Half the fun is shopping for what you would get! I want ALL the new arrivals! Thanks for the chance to win! Brambleberry is love!<br /><br />-karrie<br />

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    There is so much to love there. Tonight I&#39;m wishing I had some Brambleberry Ridge. Those dear are elegant and still adorable.

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    I LOVE the timber valley fabrics in particular. Those colors, metallics, animals, oh my! I also just love that you can buy separate fat quarters! That&#39;s amazing!

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    What an awesome shop- I love the clean, fresh look of it! And what a cool feature to be able to save and drag the fabric swatches! It&#39;s kind of hard to pick a favorite but I do love the Cloud 9 fabrics and the new arrivals have got me dreaming:).

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    It would take me a long time to pick out just three yards here. For now, I will say, &quot;Flight.&quot; I know it&#39;s cliche (in some circles) to go with bird prints all the time, but I LIKE THEM!

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    Loving Michael Miller&#39;s Flower Fields, Glee and Patio Lights all in Multi! So fun and colorful. Thanks for the chance! <br />

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    I like Kasper and Ripples. I&#39;m glad they have moved from Etsy–I find the number of pages to crawl through on many Etsy sites is too long. There are probably more fabrics I would like but I could only get &quot;New Arrivals&quot; to work. No other tabs would open. I&#39;ll check back later.

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    The bright Michael Miller, &quot;Aurora Borealis in Forest&quot;<br />Contains my fav signature colors.<br />Thank you Amy, for the opportunity and sharing w/us.

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    So much to love! But can we discuss the gift certificates?! Because really, my extended family has no clue about fabric beyond that I like it.

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    I love the colors and geometric prints from Camelot. Any of these fabrics in my stash would make me happy.<br /><br />tushay3(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    What a great giveaway! I absolutely love Bobbie Lou&#39;s and Chelsea. Quick shipping and great selection! I have a bunch of Violet Craft&#39;s Brambleberry Ridge in my cart now to buy later this afternoon. The colors are just beautiful and dreamy! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    You did say make a list right?? Amazing fabrics! I love the ropes ends, 20/20 glasses, Marrakech, arrows and bicycles. I could go on and on! I would LOVE to win this amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

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