Summer break

Last week we went to visit the pioneer-recreation village (This is the Place state park) where we volunteered last summer. (We’re not doing it this summer because of our trip plans.) The kids have missed it and it was fun to spend time there, this time as a regular tourist. Last year we worked on a quilt in the house where we volunteered. This is the quilt they’re working on this year – and I loved seeing that it is the same paper-pieced block I’m working on this summer too! 

Things will be a little more quiet around these parts for the next little while as we have a full few weeks ahead. I’ll check in periodically, and have some guests sharing some great stuff too. I’ll be a little harder to get a hold of for a bit so have mercy on me. It’s going to be strange to spend a chunk of time away from my computer and my sewing machine, but at the same time, I’m kind of looking forward to it. :) A good break is always a good thing. I hope you’re enjoying a happy, lazy summer break where you are too.


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    Yeah for trips! BTW….I will be there for the Saturday session!! Yippee Skippie!!! See you soon! <br />xoxo<br />ps…did you see my last blog post?

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    If you are away from your computer, good for you! We all need breaks away from technology, and precious time with our family. My hubby had a very close call this past week, very ill with Sepsis, and although we already knew what really is important in life, we reaffirmed that nothing is more important than the gift of life that Jehovah God gave us. We cannot go on vacation, but I will keep

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    Hi Amy: Everyone needs a little time to step back and appreciate the blessings we all have. I&#39;m hoping that you get time to rest, relax, and refresh because I know you&#39;ll come back full throttle with things to get accomplished. Hugs, elaine

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