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Did you know that this is the 35th Anniversary of the Olfa Rotary Cuter? I can’t imagine how all those quilters who lived before the age of rotary cutters managed to do what they did. Amazing. But I have to say, I’m so glad to live in the day and age of helpful tools and gizmos. 
I still remember my mom bringing an Olfa rotary cutter home from her first quilt class about 30 years ago. She’s been using one ever since. Nowadays there are lots of gadgets and tools available to quilters – sometimes the number available is overwhelming. It’s fun to collect those handy-dandy tools and gadgets along the way, if they’re something that actually makes your quilting experience better, but they’re not all necessary, especially if you’re just getting started. 
A good rotary cutter, however, IS an absolute necessity. And I’ll say hands-down the Olfa’s are the best. I’m not just saying that because anyone asked me to. Any time I use any another brand of rotary cutter they feel so much more flimsy to me and I feel like my cutting is a lot less accurate as a result.
People, if you are trying to get by on another cutter, stop. Buy an Olfa. Seriously. Pull out those coupons, watch for a sale, do whatever you have to do. I promise you’ll thank me. My personal favorite is the Splash Rotary Cutter because it’s a little more ergonomically shaped, it’s cheaper than the regular 45mm cutter, and it’s easier to change the blade. Lots of good reasons if you ask me.
I have a few other favorite items from Olfa listed in my favorite gifts for quilters post because the quality is just that good. I just tried one of the new opaque Olfa rulers and was really impressed by those as well. If you have hard time keeping your ruler from sliding, you might want to check them out. That ruler stayed in place better than anything I’ve tried before.
In honor of their 35th anniversary, Olfa asked a bunch of quilters to contribute blocks to make a commemorative quilt. This is my contribution. It’s kind of literal, but I liked making it. And now I want to make more in other colors.
In honor of their anniversary, Olfa is giving away a rotary cutter and cutting mat to one of you. Just leave a comment at the end of this post to enter. Giveaway open until Wednesday, August 19 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.
Thanks Olfa!
Can’t imagine quilting without an Olfa. Heading straightaway to check out the opaque rulers.


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    What an awesome giveaway! I've been eyeing off the Olfa gear for a long time now, but was never able to justify buying another rotary cutter when the el-cheapo one I have seems to do an OK job – you've done a great job in helping me to justify the upgrade to an Olfa in the interests of improving my quilting. Thank you.

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    I was just looking at my first quilt block yesterday (a photo, it was sent away for a charity quilt) and marveling when I remembered I had no rotary cutter or mat when I made it! I went out and found a non-Olfa and mat, which I've loved better than none, but I sure would love to try the ergonomics of a "real" Olfa! Great block!

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    Ah, rotary cutters….. my best friends! Before rotary cutters, I used to use and exacto knife with a steel square with cardboard as my cutting board. Why I didn't think of a designing a rotary cutter is beyond me…. I'd be rich! Thanks for the giveaway..Olfa cutters are great!

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    I use a pink Olga cutter, and just love it. I didn't know Olfa has opaque rulers now. I would love to try one, especially since it would match all my other rulers.

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    I wouldn't dream of changing to another brand of rotary cutter. I am very satisfied with my Olfa. I have two sizes of the yellow version. I'd love to give the Splash a try!

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    I like your block, it&#39;s very well done!<br />I&#39;ve never tried an Olfa cutter. I can&#39;t really see what makes them better than all the rest – it would be interesting to try it out myself and see.

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    My lovely mother-in-law bought me a rotary cutter and cutting board for my birthday this year (my husband bought me a sewing machine!) My rotary cutter is great, but it&#39;s not an Olfa! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Nice block! It&#39;s going to be fun to see quilt when it&#39;s finish. I, too, love my Olfa! And would love to have the minimat. Thank you!

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    Olfa is my choice for rotary cutters as well as cutting mats. I had not seen the frosted rulers and now have them on my (growing) wish list.<br /><br />Is your block a rotary cutter?

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    I am hooked on Olfa cutters and use my Splash all the time (with my Olfa cutting mat.) It is the best cutter I have ever used! I would love another one and another mat to cover my cutting table!!!

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    I use a Gingher right now, i had a Fiskars before that. It wasn&#39;t very left handed friendly to say the least. I love the Gingher but find that the blades are a little pricey.

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    I have been wanting the Splash rotary cutter since they came out. The budget never seems to have a place for it, guess I spend too much on fabric. ;-D Thanks for a chance to win one.

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    I would love to own a blue OLFA cutter and I know I need a new mat – what a wonderful win this would be! I just want to say thank you to all in this giveaway chance – and congrads to whoever the lucky winner will be!

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    Gotta tell you…the Rotery cutter is my one quilting tool that I can not imagine doing without!…Spares are great to have in my travel case and ready to go!

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    I have two rotary cutters, but haven&#39;t tried an Olfa- and there is definitely room for improvement in what I have. Might have to take the leap…<br />

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    Thanks so much for your insight about Olfa! I have there cutter and ruler but have not tried the Splash! Saw that it was cheaper but not a little different! And the opaque ruler – well have to try that! Thank goodness for coupons!

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    Wow, I had no idea rotary cutters were 35 years old. I&#39;ve been sewing for longer than that but they were not in my toolbox until I started quilting. I&#39;ve always used Olfa but that Splash cutter is such a great color. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    I have Olfa &amp; another brand (the other brand is sitting in a drawer somewhere) I choose Olfa rotary cutter every time!

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    I admit to having two Fiskars rotary cutters – one for fabric and one for paper. However, the screw holding the blade in place continually comes loose, particularly on my older cutter. Perhaps it is time for an upgrade? Some commenters have had their Olfa for 20+ years, so I&#39;d say it&#39;s a worthwhile investment!

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    I too love Olfa rotary cutter, and when I&#39;ve used other brands thought they felt flimsy and awkward to use. I still have the first one I bought 20 years ago and it works like a charm!

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    If not for the rotary cutter, I don&#39;t think that quilting would be as big a business as it is now. The rotary cutter saves so much time and we definitely don&#39;t have as much time anymore.

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    My first rotary cutter for quilting, my new best hobby ever, was an Olfa. It&#39;s so great I tried it, with a separate blade, for paper crafting, my other favourite hobby. Changing blades it way too slow when inspiration grabs me so I need another to dedicate to paper cutting. Thanks Olfa. Happy Birthday.

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    I love, love, love all three of my Olfa Rotary cutters and have been using a them for 24+ years now. Even though I have all three, I use the 60mm 99% of the time and it is wonderful!! Believe it or not, at one point, I had to start cutting with my left hand and I discovered that the Olfa rotary cutter performs beautifully in either hand.

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    Love your block! I&#39;ve just about worn out my Olfa rotary cutter, so this giveaway couldn&#39;t come at a better time! Thanks for the chance…

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    I completely agree! Olfa is the best. I could not live without my rotary cutter (I only have one). I can definitely use another one and a mat. I will need to check out the ruler you mentioned…

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    I have been wanting to get this rotary cutter but have not had the chance yet. My very first quilt I ever made was all hand cut with a scissors. It took forever. I love rotary cutters!! Thanks for the great giveaway.

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    I love Olfa cutters! I remember when my mom brought her first one home too (and it was about 30 years ago!!) Thanks too for the link to your &quot;fave gifts&quot; post – I&#39;m so happy to have the list!!

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    I am definitely one of those that gets by with another cutter…and have a scar on my leg to prove it! I have to press down so far to even get it to cut with a NEW blade!!! That is why the scar…the blade just slid across the mat into my poor unsuspecting leg!!!! OUCH!!!<br />Sew…I do NEED THIS!

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    I hand cut the blocks for my first ever quilt, it was several years before I made another one!! Then I discovered rotary cutters and haven&#39;t stopped quilting since. I agree, Olfa cutters are the best.

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    I&#39;m still trying to finish the first quilt I ever started, which was using templates and scissors. But after having made several more with rotary cutters and rulers….I&#39;m having a tough time going back. Nothing beats piecing with accurately measured and cut patchwork.

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    Thanks for the great blog. I love my Olfa Rotary cutters and mats and have several of each. All in different styles and sizes. Can anyone have too many? I hope to win this set for my son&#39;s girlfriend. I&#39;m teaching her to sew and quilt and she needs everything!

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    An Olfa rotary cutter is the only way to go for me.I find the cutting very relaxing and gives me a great way to think about what I am going to do. <br />

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    My daughter gave me an Olfa cutter last Christmas and I love it. How long will the blade last? And will I cut myself trying to change it? If I won this give away I wouldn&#39;t need to worry! I really enjoy your blog.

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    What a great memory you have to remember you mom bringing this home! That must have been so exciting to see a rotary cutter for the first time !

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    I should probably try one of those cutters…I have an &quot;other&quot; and have never tried an Olfa…but it sounds like I ought to. Would be fun to win one…and the cutting mat sounds terrific also!

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    I&#39;ve used Olfa rotary cutters from starting quilting, they were recommended to me and I&#39;ve bought and used them eversince. I have tried others but prefer these. :)<br /><br />Peg x

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    I love the new Olfa cutter! I have an original one that I have had since I started quilting. Changing the blades can be a bit challenging, so I am happy to hear they have changed that a bit! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Who wouldn&#39;t want a new Olfa cutter? I agree with you completely! I love. love, love my Olfa splash!<br />Thanks for doing such a great giveaway Amy!

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    Who wouldn&#39;t want a new Olfa cutter? I agree with you completely! I love. love, love my Olfa splash!<br />Thanks for doing such a great giveaway Amy!

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    I&#39;m new to quilting and thoroughly enjoyed your series on how to make a quilt! I&#39;ve bought my fabric and can&#39;t wait to get started! I plan to buy an Olfa trimmer, but I sure would love to win one!!! :) I plan to enjoy every second of your blog in the future! Thanks!

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    How did we ever manage before rotary cutters? My cutter is about 15 years old- I could really use a new Olfa! Thanks for the chance to win one.

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    I love my Olfa rotary cutters. I don&#39;t have the Splash yet – never really paid attention to the difference so appreciate you post. Thanks!

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    I&#39;m one of those quilters who is old enough to remember life before Olfa introduced the rotary cutter. Making templates from cardboard, tracing around them and cutting with scissors made the cutting process so tedious and hard on the hands. Thank goodness for Olfa. Thanks for the chance!

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    You&#39;ve convinced me–my next 40% off coupon will go for a Splash. I think I&#39;ll be quicker to change the blades with one of those; right now I tend to put it off far too long.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I purchased my first Olfa cutter after reading your blog two years ago. I&#39;m excited to try the splash. Thanks for the giveaway!<br /><br />

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    Happy anniversary to Olfa. I am still using my original rotary cutter from when I started quilting over 20 years ago. It is still as good as new! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

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    I love my Olfa rotary cutter – I&#39;m constantly amazed at the difference it makes to my quilting … especially when there are tiny slivers of fabric which need to be trimmed from blocks that aren&#39;t quite as accurate as they need to be!! Also, my Olfa mat is the best mat I&#39;ve used – It&#39;s lasted better than any other brand, and doesn&#39;t seem to scar as easily as others when

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    My favourite is the 45mm Olfa Ergonomic with the retractable blade. I feel so safe using this cutter because the blade is not left exposed. And people – the best hint for getting the best out of your rotary cutter – change the blade often. Honestly – false economy persevering with a blunt blade. Using a new blade is bliss!

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    Thanks for the generous giveaway. Olfa, of course, IS the best. Had another mat before, only lasted a year. So bought Olfa and never looked back. Luckily bought the Olfa rotarty cutters straight away! Happy Anniversary Olfa &lt;3

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    In the category of &quot;my how time flies&quot; reading your comment about how your mom came home with a rotary cutter from a quilt class 30 years ago – I took my first quilting class over 30 years ago, I too came home with a rotary cutter and mat – and still quilting away. The cutter certainly makes quilt making easier and more fun. I can&#39;t believe it&#39;s been over 30 years!

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    You are absolutely right about the quality of Olfa products. I am currently using another brand that begins with &quot;F&quot; and it is not as good. I have to just give it up, admit my mistake, and buy another Olfa. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    It&#39;s fun to think about scissors vs olfa! My 90 year old mother in law still prefers scissors…accuracy and speed were another story, but they did make beautiful quilts! Thanks for the give away.

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    Even though I have tried others from the funny shaped ones to other brands, Olfa is the best. I even bought the tiny one at an estate sale; I don&#39;t own the Splash &amp; would love one. Thanks so much for your advice, patterns, &amp; friendship over the blogosphere. We recipients appreciate it.

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    Love my Olfa cutter. My girlfriend convinced me to try another brand… now sits in my drawer unloved.<br />Should have spent the money on the Splash.<br />Thanks for the chance to win one.

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    I love your blog and I love my RCs I have wanted to try the Splash, but couldn&#39;t justify the expense since I have 3 sizes already. I would love to try the Splash and thank you for the opportunity.

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    Would dearly love to have an Olfa cutter an d mat. I do need another mat so bad. I started quilting about 8 months ago and have already made several quilts. I am trying to make my children, which are all married, I have 4 and 14 grandson,which I trying to make quilts for all for Christmas, so would dearly love to receive this cutter and mat. Thanks for the contest, May the best quilter win.

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    You are soooo right. I&#39;m now teaching my daughter in law to quilt, and insisted she start off right with Olfa rulers, rotary cutters, and mats. They are the best.

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    I love Olfa!! I have only been quilting for about four years, but quickly learned that Olfa was the brand I saw most quilters use. It&#39;s one of those items that may cost more upfront but will save you money in the long run because of the quality. Thanks for the chance to win!! Shannon M

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    I started out quilting without a rotary cutter and believe me it is sooo much easier when you have a rotary cutting system, and Olfa is hands down the BEST!

  60. says

    I am a fairly new quilter and have learned SO much from your blog! Your delightful sense of color absolutely amazes me. Perhaps some of it will eventually rub off on me. :)<br /><br />Currently I use a Fiskers rotary cutter and it seems to do the job but does feel a bit flimsy. I would LOVE to try the Olfa!

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    Hi thanks for the chance to win. I&#39;ve been wanting to try the splash love the blue color. May have to take a look at the ruler too

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    I&#39;d really like to try the &quot;Splash&quot; rotary cutter as I am 72 and sometimes my hands aren&#39;t as strong as I&#39;d like them to be. Also, you mentioned their rulers. I&#39;m looking for a good ruler that doesn&#39;t slip and slide, ruining my cutting efforts. I&#39;d love to win but it&#39;s all in the luck of the draw. Good luck to everyone!

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    I love my Olfa cutter, and am SO thankful that we have rotary cutters. I can&#39;t imagine sewing 50 years ago when one had to cut out their patterns with scissors :)

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    I love the Olfa rotary cutters. Never used one until I started learning how to piece quilt blocks (2012) and have since gotten quite used to them. I can even cut curves pretty good with the small one!

  65. says

    My daughter is leaving on her mish on Wednesday, August 20, so I&#39;m thinking that pretty rotary cutter would be just the thing to cheer me up. 😉

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    To be honest, I do not think I have ever had an Olfa rotary cutter, I picked up my favorite cutter, I currently use, at a garage sale. I would love to try the Olfa and I can always use another mat. Thanks for the opportunity.

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    To be honest, I do not think I have ever had an Olfa rotary cutter, I picked up my favorite cutter, I currently use, at a garage sale. I would love to try the Olfa and I can always use another mat. Thanks for the opportunity.

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    To be honest, I do not think I have ever had an Olfa rotary cutter, I picked up my favorite cutter, I currently use, at a garage sale. I would love to try the Olfa and I can always use another mat. Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. says

    I inherited all my quilting tools from my aunt when she past away about 10 years ago. Everything she owned was Olfa. I wouldn&#39;t use any other product. It is my favorite tool to use. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. says

    Love olfa, have been using their products, well not right from the start, but after using another brand first and yuck. Went to olfa and never looked back. Have the curved one as my go to, love it. Love the idea on this new one-super fast blade changes. =)<br />

  71. says

    When I first started quilting, I used cereal box cardboard for templates, cut with scissors. The Stone Age of quilting, for sure. I love my Olfa rotary cutter; it&#39;s my favorite quilting notion. Thanks for the giveaway.<br />k(dot)castanette(at)Hotmail(dot)com

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    My first rotary cutter was an Olfa and that&#39;s the brand I still use today. I haven&#39;t tried their opaque Olfa rulers, but after reading that you like them, I&#39;m going to get one to try. Thank you for the chance to win a great giveaway.<br /><br />Happy Anniversary Olfa!

  73. says

    Once I bought an Olfa cutter my other brand was delegated to batting cutting only. Since that time I have acquired several Olfa cutters. And yes the Olfa opaque rulers rule. Thanks for offering a giveaway.

  74. says

    I agree about the quality of Olfa cutters. I started out with a less expensive brand, but when I eventually got a Olfa cuttery, I immediately saw the difference. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  75. says

    I&#39;d love to win! I&#39;ve used the same rotary cutter since I began quilting 6 years ago (and bought what was cheap). I think I need an olfa.

  76. says

    I am so glad I have found your blog as I am new to quilt making and I am currently using your blog to equip myself out with what is necessary to get started. Your beginner guides are fabulous and yes, you have sold me on the brand of Olfa.<br />Amazing that all the quilters will be contributing blocks to commemorate the 35th anniversary. Please keep us all updated with that, I would love to see

  77. says

    I L-O-V-E my Olfa rotary cutters! Paired with a cutting mat, there&#39;s no other way to cut fabric! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Cute block, by the way.

  78. says

    I would not be quilting without Olfa! I can&#39;t imagine cutting out a quilt with cardboard templates and scissors. Arthritic hands don&#39;t like scissors, but Olfa has made the whole process do-able even for those of us with less than optimal hands. Thanks for the chance to win.<br />Nancy

  79. says

    Olfa is the best. It was my first rotary cutter when I started about fifteen years ago so it probably is time to get another one! And the Splash is soo pretty.<br />doyleajackie at gmail dot com

  80. says

    I have an Olfa cutting mat. It isn&#39;t as big as I would like because I had to buy a smaller one but it is by far the best cutting mat. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  81. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my Olfa rotary cutter and mat(s)!!! I have been eyeing this super cute &quot;Splash&quot; rotary for quite a while but have not been able to convince myself to purchase it since I already have 2 Olfa cutters. I would LOVE to win this and add to my collection. Thanks for the chance, Amy!!

  82. says

    Yeah, so my first three quilts were made without the aid of a rotary cutter. And that was most definitely NOT 35 years ago. ;)<br />Thank goodness I finally figured out what I was doing!

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    Love my Olfa! They are seriously the best. Have yet to sustain a serious injury from that killer sharp blade but know a few quilters who have lost the tip of a finger or two, LOL.

  84. says

    Agreed! I love my Olfa cutter @ mat, of course! I may or may not have used it for cutting paper on occasion … I keep an old blade for that purpose and it works out great! Ahem! Thanks for the give away!

  85. says

    Oh I would love to win these, just about worn my mat out and a new rotary would be great. I agree, great brand. Thanks for the chance to win.<br />

  86. says

    Ilove my Olfa Splash! Plus my 28mm and my mats. The rotating mat makes trimming blocks a breeze. I&#39;ll definitely consider their frosted rulers next time I&#39;m in the market for a new ruler.

  87. says

    I remember the novelty of rotary cutters when they first showed up in the fabric departments. I thought they just might make life as a quilter complete, and I was right! Happy Birthday, Olfa!!

  88. says

    I am super loyal to Gingher scissor-wise, and used their rotary cutter for years before picking up an Olfa at an estate sale. I admit. Olfa is perfection. I like the tiny one especially for squaring up blocks and trimming off bits.

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    Hi Amy – I am old enough to have quilted without a rotary cutter – started at age eight – and the world has certainly changed. BTW, I have your book and really love it. Thanks so much.

  90. says

    I would love to win this giveaway I just started quilting and that color makes me so happy! Thank you so much for your awesome blog it has inspired me!

  91. says

    fun giveaway! i love my 45 rotary cutter — not an olfa (though i do have a mini olfa… don&#39;t use it so much), so i&#39;d love the chance to try out one that you think is so much better!

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    I love my two Olfa cutters. It&#39;s the only brand I&#39;ve ever owned. I would like to try the ergonomic one, though, since I do have chronic tendinitis and a weak grasp.<br />I am having a hard time finding extra 28 mm replacement blades lately. Where can I find them?<br />reillyr2(at)hotmail(dot)com

  93. says

    Thanks you and to Olfa for this great give-away. I haven&#39;t tried the Olfa rotary cutter yet but do use the opaque rulers and love them.

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