Some winter-blues antidotes

First, a little present I bought for myself for Christmas. Ever since I first discovered Sarah Jane’s work at the Beehive Bazaar last spring, I have been in love. Especially with her calendar prints. So when she announced a limited edition final run calendar for 2009, I jumped on it! (I’m so glad I did, because I’m sorry to say, they are all gone.) When I’m done with the calendar, I’m going to frame some of these for my girls’ room. The pictures are so sweet! She has a lovely etsy store with lots more of her goodies.
On Saturday we took the kids sledding. To be honest, I’m not someone who gets super excited about sledding – mainly because I just don’t like to be cold. But I try to be a good sport for the kids and my husband because I like them all a lot and don’t want them to remember their mother/wife as a dud. 🙂
This time instead of going to the local, over-crowded-with-icy-runs park, we decided to explore nearby Provo Canyon and some of the parks we like to visit during the summer. AWESOME! [This is the backside of that mountain that I can see from the front of my house.]

We couldn’t get close to Bridal Veil falls this time of year, like we do in the summer, but it was cool to stop and see it from a distance in its winter glory. Look at those massive icicles!
We found a great spot – no one there, beautiful surroundings, great hills. Made sledding much more enjoyable. I still need some new boots though.

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    January 12, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    I love to be out in the snow but just walking. As long as my hands don’t get cold and wet then I’m a happy girl! So sledding is not my favorite snow activity either. <BR/>But we sacrifice for our families, right!!! haha

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