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I have a long list of things I need to get done this weekend. And today has already been a crazy one: gymnastics, post office, Target (and some much needed groceries), pre-school graduation, elementary school dance festival. I’m already pooped. It’s just that time of year again – life is so busy at the end of the school year. All fun stuff, but makes life crazy. The good news is my husband is back after being gone 4 days earlier this week, so here’s to hoping for some productivity! 🙂

1. Finish sewing the Amy Butler top (above). I really loving how it’s coming together. I started piecing the blocks together last night during SYTYCD.

2. Finish the long-awaited binding tutorial for the Wonderland quilt. Hopefully it will be up by Monday, if not Tuesday at the latest.

3. Make a quilt for my other daughter’s teacher who’s wife is having a baby also. This is who the American Jane quilt was originally for, but since I decided to keep that one (thanks again to all of you for confirming that decision) I’m going to have to whip up another one really quick. Fortunately I got this quick little kit from American Quilting, where I work. My girls have had the most fabulous teachers this year. I couldn’t be MORE grateful to them for all that they have done for my kids.

4. If there is time, I would love to start sewing these strips together too. Last night I sat and unwound those Snippets Jelly Roll and Sweet Roll. SO FUN to just play with the fabric. (And I need to get a new iron. That one is borrowed.)

5. What I would also like to do is read this book. I’m 1/3 of the way through and I already love it. Too bad you can’t read and sew at the same time. I really should look into more books on tape.

6. Take care of my yard.

I love the weather this time of year. I love sending my kids outside to play. I love not having to sort socks because everyone can just wear sandals. I love all the beautiful flowers everywhere. During May in Utah the foothills of the mountains are green and the peaks are still white with snow. It’s so pretty – looks like Switzerland. (By August the foothills are dried-up and brown and not as pretty.)

But I’m also reminded this time of year how much of my time is sucked-up by yard work. Some yard work I don’t mind – like watering the flowers, smelling the honeysuckle, picking the home-grown tomatoes and zucchini. Love all that stuff. It’s just the time it takes to get to that point doesn’t leave as much time for sewing.

Hope you all have a Happy Memorial Day weekend. (that is if you are in the States. But if not I hope you have a happy weekend anyway.)

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    May 22, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    Wow, lots of fun stuff on your plate!<br /><br />Hey, I’m just wondering…in the quilt kit that you got… do you know what the fabric is that has all the airplanes/balloons/etc on it? My hubby’s a pilot and I am always on the lookout for anything airplane-related. Thanks!

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    Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie
    May 22, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    Amy the top quilt is going to be gorgeous. Love the colors. Sounds like you are having a busy weekend. Hope it all fits in.<br />Keep Stitchen'<br />Bonnie<br /><br />PS: Love your view…

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    May 22, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    Hey! My weekend looks a little bit like yours! And I posted about lists today too! Maybe we should try to get together and squeeze ia little coffee break at some point… we can bring some hand sewing along!<br />Have a great weekend and good luck with all your to-do’s!

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    May 22, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    Wonderful, wonderful projects! Isn’t May in Utah just the best??

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    May 22, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    Your quilts are just gorgeous! I am fairly new to quilting, but I see how it can easily turn into an addiction!<br /><br />Just finished the Guernsey Literary Society and LOVED.IT!

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    May 23, 2009 at 5:43 am

    Wow – love the AB quilt – it came out so nice!

  • Reply
    May 23, 2009 at 6:34 am

    Looks like you are plenty busy!<br />Everyone here has been talking about the Guernsey Literary book. I’ll have to check it out.

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    May 23, 2009 at 7:42 am

    What a list! But I have to say, that your yard work is going to take you a long time judging from the size of those mountains. LOL!! Happy Memorial Day to you too!

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    Lisa @ Life with 4!
    May 23, 2009 at 8:22 am

    Nice pictures. Your quilt top looks so fresh and pretty with all that green.<br />I, too, have been really busy with school activities, sports, and gardening. <br />My kids have 12 more days of school…. yeah, can’t wait!

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    The Quilt Buddy
    May 23, 2009 at 8:59 am

    Sounds like you have the same list that I have! My DH is gone this weekend on business, so I won’t get anything done. <br /><br />I hope that you have a productive weekend and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

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    May 23, 2009 at 10:00 am

    Wow…so much to do!!! I’m tired just thinking about all of those things! Can’t wait to see what you do with the honey bun strips! And thanks for the book idea…I’m going to go look it up now!

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    I Love Baby Quilts!
    May 23, 2009 at 11:48 am

    Love your fabrics! Love the Amy Butler quilt.

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    Shari Lidji
    May 23, 2009 at 11:14 pm

    Hi Amy, I finally had a chance to catch up on your past week. I love all of your projects. You have a great sense of color. They all look like happy quilts. <br />It is sometimes hard to part with them, isn’t it? We just have to remember how much they’ll be loved once they leave our hands.

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    May 24, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    You are defnitely so busy…I love the Amy Butler quilt.

  • Reply
    May 25, 2009 at 10:52 am

    that wonderland quilt is so pretty!

  • Reply
    May 27, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    Awesome! Just found your blog — books on tape/cd are awesome if you hand quilt and like to multitask (and i know you do!)

  • Reply
    May 31, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    I love that Amy Butler quilt you’re working on. Are you using a pattern? I would love to make that. I’m a new quilter, so I still need the safety and comfort of a written pattern 🙂 Thanks so much! And thanks for being such an inspiration! You make such beautiful things!

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