Short-cut quilt preview and new fabric

Today another sneak peak of a quilt in the upcoming Fabulously Fast Quilts. This book is a collection of of quilt patterns – some traditional, some all new – with some kind of short-cut method for assembling them. This modern version of a traditional buzz-saw pattern is one of them. (The quilting on this quilt was done by Melissa of Sew Shabby Quilting.)
This was the last quilt I finished before shipping them all off to the publisher last May. I took this shot as I finished stitching the last bit of the binding, the morning before I took all the quilts to the UPS store. I was feeling so giddy by that point to have this huge project done
For this quilt I used a lot of Vanessa Christenson’s collection Simply Style – which I still really like. There are some great tonal basics in that collection. (Simply Style is still available from the Southern Fabrics (on sale!) and Fat Quarter Shop.)

Vanessa’s latest collection, Color Me Happy, is hitting stores right now. I’ve sewn quilts for Vanessa to use at Quilt Market a few times and she super-generously sent me this bundle as a thank you. (whoa.)

This is another cheerful, colorful collection of prints and some great basics and blenders. I’m especially smitten with this micro-dots. I think this is one I need to stock up on for sure.

The bundle looks so pretty the way it is, I can’t bring myself to break it open. I’m going to have to get really courageous to do it at some point. (Why is it so hard??) Color Me Happy is available from the Fat Quarter Shop, Green Fairy Quilts, and coming soon to Pink Castle Fabrics.


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    I also have a problem 'making' something with the beautiful fabric bundles. They sit in decorative pails, baskets etc. and I have many idea patterns running through my head for each one…….but to cut into them….now if I had a bolt of them, maybe that would be easier!?!

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    I see nothing wrong at all leaving my bundles, jelly rolls, etc as bits of &quot;art&quot; on my shelves. Being that they look so pretty like that I can be patient and wait until the perfect project comes up and I think &quot;Whoa!…I have the perfect fabric for that pattern!&quot;:) That bundle looks just right sitting there on your shelf!<br /><br />I am LOVING that buzz saw quilt…what a

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    Can&#39;t wait to see more from your book!! And I totally do the same thing, especially with fabric at I &quot;have to have&quot; bc I want it to be done just right, for the perfect project, to show off the fabric just right. :0) totally get it!!!! I still have fabric from Sarah janes out to sea line to make for my son, and I bought before he was born , and well let&#39;s just say he is way past

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    Congratulations on your new book! I love your modern version of Buzz-Saw. I did that quilt several years ago in the 1930&#39;s Aunt Grace fabric which turned out beautiful. The pattern was in McCall&#39;s Quilting Feb 2003.under the name of &quot;Aunt Betty&#39;s Attic&quot;. It was so easy to make, I can&#39;t imagine a more simple method. Bonnie Hunter has it on her web sight under the name of

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      I am so pathetic at coming up with quilt names, so I just went with Modern Buzz-saw&quot;. So original and creative, right? It&#39;s such a fun method – I had to include it in a Quick Quilts book. And I adapted this one to 10&quot; pre-cuts to make it even easier.

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    I love that you include traditional patterns that have been around forever along with New ones! So talented!!! Thanks for sharing, because whether I&#39;ve seen the pattern before or not I always love your take on quilt design!!!

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    I am so looking forward to your new book! Every email I get from Amazon gives me hope that they are sending my preordered copy . . . it can&#39;t come soon enough!

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    That is a lovely quilt and a lovely bundle of fabrics. I am the same way about breaking open a bundle, though I&#39;m only on my first. It sits on my sewing table for me to enjoy until I can find the exact perfect quilt(s) for it, until then I&#39;m just going to enjoy talking to it and stroking it :o)

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    I feel th same opening a bundle. looks perfect this way to. love the line … Especially how it look effortlessly not put togethter. Oh no… another must have :)

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