Yesterday’s “structured and creative time” with my kids

Yesterday it SNOWED! Actually for the past day and a half.
I don’t remember this much snow in my yard in the past 11 years that I’ve been married. So I took the boys out and we SHOVELED. Well, I should say, I shoveled. A lot. I think I shoveled my driveway/sidewalks 5 times – not counting the time my neighbor came by with the snow-blower.
My husband has a really bad back at the moment and I would rather shovel the snow myself than have an invalid husband. Plus, it’s a really great work-out and I’m hoping to burn some of those holiday calories. But I’m not looking forward to doing this all winter. I’m thinking it’s time to look into our own snowblower. 🙂So today the sun is back out and look at those piles of snow!

This is the view from my front door. If only I could just stay inside and look at it, instead of having to go out in it! Pretty spectacular!
The road in front of our house? Not so spectacular. It feels like it’s been through a Monster-Truck pull.

Yesterday after picking the kids up at school I got stuck just trying to get into our driveway. My car was perpendicular in the road, facing our driveway, but I wasn’t moving and blocking the whole street. Fortunately a nice man came along one direction, the same time as the mailman came the other direction and they pushed me in.

I pretty much stayed in the rest of the day and worked on stuff like this:
That is the good part of being snowed in.

(Sorry about the bad picture!) This is a new one for the store and I’m not liking it. I’m going to try something else.

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    January 8, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    Hi Amy, that is such a beautiful picture of the mountains. The snow makes a great landscape!<BR/>I received my package today… I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was. My kids were a bit confused because I was ooohhhing an aaaaahing over it all and they kept saying,"What is it? who is that from?"…<BR/>Thank you.<BR/>you have now motivated me to finish some other projects so that I can

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