Gratitude Quilt

It is exciting to finally share a quilt that I made over a year ago. This is one of those quilts that has a lot of meaning behind it – it’s my Gratitude Quilt and so, naturally, the week of Thanksgiving here in the states feels like the perfect time to finally share. 
I made this quilt over a year ago- it’s weird to work on something and not talk about it. This was my first experience making something to contribute to a book and I was so excited I was ready to burst. But away it hid from any cameras or blogs. 

This quilt is based on an old signature style block, only instead of signatures, I embroidered things, people, and places that I am grateful for. The fabrics are from Moda’s Collections for a Cause line, which suited the style of the quilt really well. I’ve always loved the idea of throwing teal in with traditional fall colors and I’m so happy with the result. I’m planning to make this pattern again out of more contemporary fabrics (maybe all solids?), because I think it would be equally effective and would work perfectly for a modern look too.

I embroidered all the the words by hand onto a giant piece of solid fabric so that it would be portable. I was working on them during our road trip to Bryce Canyon last fall, furiously stitching so that I could meet my deadline. Then I cut up the words and created the individual blocks I loved choosing each of my items I’m grateful for. See where it says tomatoes in the upper left corner?

Well in my haste, I accidentally wrote and stitched the word tomatoes twice. I didn’t realize until I’d pieced the blocks and by then I was in such a hurry that I just went ahead and included it again – once in the upper left corner and the other in the lower right. I call it personality. And I guess subconsciously I’m just really grateful for tomatoes.
The pattern for this Gratitude quilt can be found in the book Sweet Celebrations with Moda Bakeshop Chefs. If you would like a signed copy, I have a limited number of copies available in my pattern shop. It was so much fun to get to contribute to this compilation. I feel honored to have been a part of it.

I have wanted to make a Gratitude quilt for many years. I’m glad I finally had the excuse – and the deadline- to push me there. And I’m enjoying having it back at home with me this Thanksgiving.

Hope all celebrating in the states have a happy Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite holidays. We are hosting lots of extended family members at our house tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. For one thing, it’s a good incentive to clear all my sewing junk off the table. I’m not feeling too stressed thanks to the many food contributions by those who are coming and especially for my husband’s desire to be in charge of the turkey. (YES!) He has been excited for weeks and takes this job very seriously. He’s been preparing the brine and my house smells SO good as I sit here typing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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    This is really lovely. I don't usually go in for calm colors, but I love them here, and I can't get over the wonderful idea of embroidering things you're grateful for in the blocks. I've been thinking a lot about gratefulness and graciousness lately and think spending time embroidering the words must have been wonderful and meditative. I hope having a deadline didn't make

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    So beautiful, and love the sentiment. And, yes, tomatoes are wonderful especially when they are plucked warm off the vine in late summer…so tomatoes x two is a good thing :-)

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    Great idea for a quilt! And I also see how you make it stay put on the fence – I&#39;m going to use that free hint! :-) <br />Happy Thanksgiving!

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    This is such a great idea. I wish you would have posted it a few days ago. I think it would be wonderful to have all our family members write what they are grateful for tomorrow, on a piece of fabric, and then I could make it into a quilt. Too late to get it ready, but a good idea for next year.

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    It&#39;s a beautiful quilt! I can totally see myself doing it with my kids. They can each take a few blocks and write the things they are thankful for. Love it!

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    What a great pattern! I LOVE the idea behind the quilt, you have definitely inspired me to make a Gratitude quilt! My daughter would definitely agree with tomatoes being there twice!! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Beautiful quilt and a lovely idea, I love that you hand embroidered it. Tomatoes are my favorite too and their are no mistakes in a quilt it just shows that we are not perfect. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and all of my American friends.

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    Love it, Amy! Such a great idea – I can see us using this design for prayer quilts, with one-word prayers embroidered in each block – Faith, Hope, Love, Friendship, Courage, Family – you get the idea! Thanks for sharing such beautiful inspiration!!

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    Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!<br />Your quilt is precious and so sweet that<br />you added tomatoes twice. We love them<br />fresh from the garden as well! :0)<br />I have a copy of this book and it has<br />fabulous patterns inside! :0)


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