The magic quilt

Today we had a couple of little friends over. Every week I swap kids with a friend while we take turns helping in our older kids’ elementary school. It has been so fun to be involved on a regular basis with my kids’s school without stressing about finding a babysitter or taking younger kids with me.

Anyway, today was our turn to host. After the first hour of letting kids watch ‘Word World’ while I finished folding laundry and sorting socks, it was time to turn off the TV and get them doing something else. Nothing sounded appealing and they weren’t going for any of my suggestions. We even got out the pop corn popper and made a big bowl of popcorn, but after that was done, the natives were still restless.

Then I spread a quilt on the floor.

That did it. The quilt instantly became a raft and was promptly loaded with helpful things like cash registers and toy drills for their journey. And they all played happily uninterrupted for a whopping 25 minutes. (Which felt like a lovely long length of time while I got all that laundry put away.)

Then we played “Shark Attack” while we vacuumed up the popcorn. Success.

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