Emoji Quilt Block – Spelling Bee Saturday

It’s the final Spelling Bee Saturday! Spelling Bee Saturday has been hosted by the Fat Quarter Shop for the past 44 weeks featuring the adorable blocks from Lori Holt’s pattern book Spelling Bee. This is probably one of my very favorite quilt books ever, not to mention the best bang for your buck! Spelling Bee features quilt block instructions for all of the letters of the alphabet – both uppercase and lowercase versions – as well as numbers and punctuation, meaning endless combinations so that you can create your own words out of quilt blocks.

In addition to the letters and numbers there are also 20 picture blocks – like this cute globe – with multiple different quilt settings. AND every block has a 6″ or 12″ variations! It’s like a quilting Choose Your Own Adventure book!

For the past 44 weeks, each Spelling Bee Saturday has featured a different letter or block. This final week’s block is the semi-colon block. And since I figured it would be kind of boring to just feature a single semi-colon, I decided to put that punctuation to work in one of our all-time favorite emojis: a winky-face.

(The Parentheses and Word Bubble blocks are also included in the Spelling Bee book.)

Seriously, whoever came up with the winky-face emoji deserves our undying appreciation.  Think of all of the potential awkwardness that has been averted because people can know the tone of our texts (sarcasm, ironic, silly, etc,) thanks to that good old winky face.

Also, I made two winky-face blocks. This is the first one I made a few weeks ago so that it could be part of the official Fat Quarter Shop Spelling Bee Saturday block-round-up video. (See below.) It’s even got the distinction of being the grand finale! For this block I used my favorite green dot from Sunnyside Ave (as is the red gingham) but as I looked at the picture, all I could think of with the green facial features was the Joker from Batman. I know, I’m weird. So I decided to make a second block.


Spelling Bee Quilt Book by Lori Holt

For this second block I used a gray from Lori Holt’s new Autumn Love collection (see also stack top right). The other two prints are from Lori’s Bee Basics collection (as are pre-cuts top left).

And good news for you! If you still don’t have a copy of Lori Holt’s Spelling Bee book, nows the perfect timing as it’s 30% off as the Fat Quarter Shop’s book of the month! Seriously, only $23.78 for dozens of detailed patterns. It’s a steal.

Finally, one more thing to share: apparently there’s this thing in social media called “Un-boxing” and yesterday (Friday) I did my very first live unboxing video. And I’m giving away an identical box! You can see all the goods + me trying to figure out how to go Live on camera (and the dorkiness that ensues) + enter to win on my Instagram page! Good through Monday, August 6!

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